Constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity.

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We Moved Locations!


Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown has moved away from our location at 500 East Locust. We are on to greener pastures and plenty more PR's at our new location: 1901 Bell Avenue (In the Bell Avenue Business Center). See the map for detailed instructions on how to find us and where to park. 3 CHEERS FOR NO MORE PARKING METERS! Hope to see you soon. 


The MO2CF Downtown Mission:

At Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown our goal is simple: Prepare you for what life demands. To accomplish this goal, we do CrossFit. We strive to create the best athletes from the inside out by using constantly varied, functional movements executed with high-intensity. “Functional movements” are organic in nature, a large part of our everyday life, and are built on the mechanics of what our bodies are made to do…it’s in our DNA!  Our workouts, like life; are constantly varied…we train to expect the unexpected.  Because we use “relative” intensity, anyone and everyone can do CrossFit.  Our daily workouts are universally scalable and can be tailored to fit the needs of anyone who is interested in advancing human performance. No matter what your fitness level or athletic abilities, we’re here to help you reach your goals and get more out of life.

Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown is built on a supportive community of athletes who recognize the importance of fitness and are open to educating and learning from one another. There are no egos here. A “can do” attitude and the willingness to learn is all you need to start your path to success. Our coaches are here to help you balance technique and intensity to ensure that you reach your goals!

We do all of our own programming here at Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown. The reason we desire so much control…we’re able to give our athletes the broadest approach to a constantly varied environment. This approach is not only applied to movement, it’s also applied to various energy pathways and strength training. Every week will include strength training and skill work performed through our daily workouts.

Time to start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable…

Upcoming Events:

Check out our Facebook Events Page for complete details on our events!

June 29 CrossFit Rowing Course Host

July 4 Independence Day WOD 9am Only

August 17 Girls Gone Rx Iowa, Teams of 3 Females, Sign up now (use code: IOWA for discount)!

August 31-September 1 CrossFit Level Certificate Course Host

September 7-8 Pose Running Course Host, *CrossFit Preferred Course