Be on Time
Please be respectful of everyone’s time. We realize that life happens. Please do your best to be on time…or a few minutes early.

Check your ego at the door
At some point, your ego will get shattered. This is the beauty of CrossFit. We improve by working our weaknesses. Be humble, and be prepared to be humbled.

Introduce Yourself
Community is the foundation of what we do. Invite people into our family. It’s nerve racking when attending your first class, or being the “new kid at school." Take the initiative and meet someone new.

Be Supportive
Anyone who shows up for a workout deserves a high five, chest bump, handshake or some sort of recognition. Sometimes we finish first, sometimes we finish last. Doesn’t matter. Support your fellow athletes and their fitness goals. 

Respect the equipment
We ask that everyone treats the equipment like they would their own possessions. A little common sense goes a long way. This ensures the best experience for all athletes.  

Once everyone has finished the workout, then you can put your equipment away
NO ONE breaks down their equipment until everyone finishes the workout. This is common courtesy in CrossFit. What goes around, comes around. 


Clean up after yourself
The box is not your bedroom. You can’t just shut the door and clean it up later. If you get it out, put it back in its place. The coaches are not there to clean up after you.

When a coach is teaching...listen
We have a responsibility to our athletes to make them better. The way we do this is through coaching. Be attentive when a coach is speaking.  They’re ensuring your safety and success.

If you build it, fitness will come
Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. Our goal is fitness. Using the above charter is how we make this happen. You have to crawl, walk, and then run. This equation works when the foundation is built. Smooth and steady…brick by brick.

Your air squat is your CrossFit handshake...make it memorable
Make a lasting impression…perfect your air squat. This doesn’t happen from doing muscle ups, or putting more weight on the bar for a back squat. You have to PRACTICE your air squat. Be that person.

The only person you should try to be better the person you were yesterday
Our athletes come in all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, lifestyles, and ability levels. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses…everyone.  If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, you’ve lost sight of what matters…the reason you started training in the first place.  All we care about is effort…that’s in your control.