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Operation Strength

This is a 10-12 week program designed to help you accomplish your strength goals. Each session is designed a bit differently depending on the needs of the current athletes in the current program. Two of the strength sessions will be done on your own and one weekly session is coach-led by Coach Nick.

In order to ensure you are positioned for success we are asking for your total commitment; therefore, this class will require an Unlimited Membership, 24-hour access, and the programming will be an additional $10 per month. This program will have an intense focus on increasing your strength. To maintain your metabolic conditioning, you will be asked to attend 2-3 regular CrossFit Group WODs per week, depending on how your body feels. To ensure the class is able to run efficiently and safely there will be a cap on the program. size so sign up soon.



Each class will consist of a variety of weight lifting movements, anything from back squats to squat snatches followed by intense accessory work ranging anywhere from weighted good mornings, rope pull-ups to JM Presses.

If you have questions or would like to know when the next Operation Strength session is starting, please contact Jessica at jessica.cfdt@gmail.com.