Tomorrow we will be giving each of you 20 minutes to work on a goal you've set, a skill you want to master, or some technique work to improve that lift that is challenging for you . 

This gives all of us an opportunity to assess where we are, it's mid-November, 2015 is coming to a close, are you where you Invisioned yourself to be?

This could apply to fitness goals, career goals, life goals. We are here to help you with those fitness goals but you will find that they are all intertwined. You focus on your fitness, commit to getting to CrossFit 3-4x a week, you begin to sleep better and eat better, you have more energy to spend time with family, you're running around instead of sitting on the couch, and you're more focused during your day so you're more productive at work.

I have set CrossFit goals for myself each year for the past 4 years, I post them at work and on my mirror at home. I see them everyday. I've managed to accomplish each goal on that list for the past 4 years, sometimes it didn't happen till December but it happened! And at the beginning of each year those goals seemed unobtainable.

If you haven't set goals before, begin a list now for 2016, put several on there. They need to be specific, measurable, and have a deadline.

                          For example: 2016 goal: i want to do 10 Double Unders Unbroken  

I look at my weaknesses (kipping ring dips and snatch technique are 2) and I set a few goals on those, I look at my strengths (deadlift and front squat) and set some weight goals (265# and 175#)for those and then I look at some benchmarks (Fran and Grace are on 2015's list) and look at my times and then set a goal to a specific time to beat (2014's times were 4:14 and 3:37) I set my 2015 goal to be under 3:25, I ended this year at 3:23 then 2:55 for a PR at Barbells for Boobs! I've got several goals left to hit for 2015 but I'm still working!

So many of you want to do your first pull up, get double unders, do a ring dip, get that snatch form down. We set the ground work for you but you have to focus on that goal, believe you can do this, spend time on the progressions we teach and then you will hit that goal! If you need help setting this up, let me know.