Refuse to give up on yourself.

Why you should start a new fitness journey before the holidays.

•We require foundations, a 2 week program that introduces the movements we typically do in a class and gives you a set schedule 3x a week. We make the schedule, you show up, we get you moving and sweating, you begin to burn more calories as you build muscle. After 2 weeks, this will be more of a routine for you. 

•It's new and exciting, maybe even fearful.  Each day is something completely different from the last. Many will tell you they "get butterflies" before each workout. And this is just a part of why people keep coming back.

•Strength through community. How many globo gym goers will check in on you when you fail to show up, how many will make an attempt to get to know you, will encourage you and push you harder? And do you have a coach there, correcting and cueing you, pushing you, and truly cares to get to know you? You get all of this when you become a part of our community. 

•Starting this now puts you an entire month ahead of the January crowd. You will have developed a routine, burned some fat (even during the most indulgent time of the year), made some friends and had a lot of fun. 

Sign up for our next course beginning 11/30. Click the link here to choose group or private foundations.

We are excited to meet you and welcome you to a community that will build you up starting on day one.