WOD 12/19/15

Community Partner WOD 9AM, bring a friend, bring a treat to share! 

With a Partner. For Time:

P1: Row 60 Cals

P2: 60 Wall Wall Shots

P1: 60 Double Unders

P2: Row 40 Cals

P1: 40 Wall Ball Shots

P2: 40 Double Unders

P1: Row 20 Cals

P2: 20 Wall Ball Shots

P1: 20 Double Unders

P2: Row 20 Cals

P1: 20 Wall Ball Shots

P2: 20 Double Unders

P1: Row 40 Cals

P2: 40 Wall Ball Shots

P1: 40 Double Unders

P2: Row 60 Cals

P1: 60 Wall Ball Shots

P2: 60 Double Unders