Member Monday: Meet Brian G

1. How long have you been crossfitting?

    - I’ve been doing CrossFit type workouts for a little over 3 years now.  I started at Spartan Strength, a previous gym at the M02DT location.  Spartan had a lot of CrossFit elements, including many of the olympic lifts, but it wasn’t until CrossFit Primal took over the location in 2014 that I was “official.”

2. What is your favorite movement that we do in CrossFit?

Overhead squats.

3. What was your biggest fear coming into CrossFit MO2DT?

None really.  Because MO2DT was a more of a change of ownership from previous owners for me . Many of the people, some from Spartan Strength days, are still there.  Plus the coaches and and other “nooners” make for a welcoming, positive and low intimidation place to workout.


4. What CF accomplishment are you most proud of ?

When I broke 200 lbs on my power clean with a 215 1RM.  That was an unexpected and felt great!  And, at 41, I’m in by far the best shape of my life because of CrossFit.

5. What's your 9-5 (job)?

  I’m an attorney and partner at Galligan Reid, P.C., a law firm in downtown Des Moines.  I represent the victims of medical malpractice, motor vehicle collisions and defective products.

6. Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time ?

    I love just having downtime, spending time at home with my wife and 4 kids.  Life is very much about being in near constant motion, so it’s nice to be able to pause, be present, and enjoy the things that really matter.

7. What keeps you coming back each day?

I enjoy the people at the gym and the always changing challenges that each WOD brings. It’s a great break in my work day and important outlet for stress.  Oh, and the fear of “re-entry” after too much time off is a great motivator to not miss!

8. If you could cherrypick a WOD what would you choose?

Good question.  Not sure that I have a favorite WOD. Usually if it has a name, it’s not fun.  I like WODs where the work load decreases each round (Chippets). I also like the ones that allow for some strategy in terms of how to break up reps among different exercise over the course of the WOD.

9. One thing your WOD friends don't know about you?

I lost my dad, whom I practiced law with, to Alzheimer’s disease 3.5 years ago.  He was diagnosed at 64 and passed away at 69.  He is my hero and is the most important influence in my personal and professional life.

10. Favorite "Cheat" Meal?