How to win the "But CrossFit is too expensive" discussions, Part 1

What to tell your non-CrossFit friends when they say “But CrossFit is expensive

I am going to give you everything you will need to win at these conversations in a series of 4 posts.  

If you are considering CrossFit, probably one of the first things you look at is the price. If you are a CrossFitter currently, you have heard all of the following:

“CrossFit is expensive.”

“How do you afford that?”

“My gym membership is $10 a month, I’m not paying any more than that, and I think you're crazy for paying that!"

Well, give me a Globo gym that offers personal training, a group atmosphere & a community that CrossFit gives each member AND gets the results that CrossFit consistently gives its athletes?

Let's have a CrossFit vs. Global Gym face off:


Let’s break down the cost a bit:

Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown Membership:

If you break it down, an Unlimited Membership is $6.49 per workout, if you choose to workout 5x a week.

A Limited Membership (12 classes per month) is $26.25 per week or $8.75 per class.

In addition to coach lead classes we are constantly offering workshops to improve skills, mobility, technique, and nutrition challenges- at no extra cost.

Globo Gym Membership:

Personal training $50-100 per hour, 1-2x per week.

Plus a monthly gym membership $50-100. Be sure to tack on the annual gym maintenance fee of $75-99.