How to win the "But CrossFit is expensive" discussions Part 2-the skills & movements

We talked about the break down of how much each CrossFit class would cost yesterday verses a Globo gym membership & personal training. Today let's look at the skills & movements that are taught.


Do you learn how to improve your everyday movements to better your life? We do air squats, back squats, & deadlifts (functional movement: sitting down into a chair, picking heavy things up from the ground safely).Globo gym does the leg extensions and leg curls on a machine, uses the hip sled & the Smith Machine (tell me when you last half-sat back into a chair?).

We do ring rows, strict pullups and kipping pullups, using our body weight and sometimes weighted. Globo gym uses a lat pull down machine to gain strength in the shoulders, lats and traps.

We do box jumps, double unders & sprints to grow those calf muscles & keep us explosive. Globo gym does calf raises.

We learn gymnastics. We do Handstand Pushups, Handstand Walks, Rope Climbs, Ring Dips, and Muscle Ups. If you want to learn only some of these skills while you are at a Globo gym, you’d need to enroll in a separate Dance & Gymnastics gym (and therefore spend more money & time).