"I always thought I wanted to look good until I realized what it felt like to be strong".

Here is Jess, on the left in 2012 and on the right, just a few weeks ago. Here's her story....

What she did for fitness in 2012:
I had been a member of the YMCA for quite a while in 2012. I was doing boot camp for over a year there.  They were 5 week sessions that were extra on top of my Y membership.  I went 5 days a week, and we were there for 90 minutes. (doing various strength, high intensity interval training, and yoga on Fridays).
What she did for nutrition in 2012:
I can guarantee I ate what most people view as a "healthy" diet. I rarely ate breakfast, had non-dairy, low-calorie creamer in my coffee, bought that bread that's like 35 calories per slice.  I even at some of those Lean Cuisine frozen lunches (yuck!) and did Kashi frozen meals.  I tracked my food on MyFitnessPal off and on, going on what calories it told me I could have.  I had an apple a day, and ate a lot of yogurt.  I'm really not a big fan of tracking my food!

How much did I weigh back then?  Do I really have to answer? 

 What did she weigh in 2012:

15-20# more than today.

What she does for fitness in 2016:
In May 2014, I did my first Whole 30. Ate Paleo 70-80% of the time but now I'm a little more lax. I have at least 1 Paleo meal per day, and I eat pizza at least once per week and enjoy my wine.

I seem to have found a good balance with my pizza, wine, and cheese.  I still don't eat much bread or pasta, although I'll occasionally crave grilled cheese and tomato soup and have to buy everything except the butter.

 One of my co-workers told me today that she notices I don't deprive myself of anything, that I'm not one of those typical "dieters" that absolutely won't eat certain things.

How Jess balances it all: 

I'm definitely lucky that I've like CrossFit so much, and I've found that balance between being able to eat what I want and not gain weight.  After all these years (10+) of long distance running, boot camps, TRX, etc., I've finally found the thing that works and I look and feel fitter than I have all my life! 

And Jess hit a new PR on her front Squat yesterday at 185#!