New beginnings


January and Mondays are often a time to think about making changes, resolutions or becoming healthy. Does this mean that those people will be more successful than those who start in the summer or on a Wednesday? No. Really, whatever day or month you go all in and commit 100% will be the time you see yourself changing.

What's great about CrossFit is that you get a whole group of people who are all in and committed to being the best version of themselves, coaches and members. You aren't doing this alone.

We have many new members in classes this week and our next Foundations group starts tonight at 5:45pm. 

We also have a goal setting workshop and our nutrition challenge kickoff is Thursday night at 6:30pm.  

February Foundations dates are open, click here to sign up for either this week's course , or start date of February 8 at 6am or start February 15th at 5:45pm. $25 for the course and you get a 2-week Free trial to group classes before choosing a membership.

The best time to start is Now