Member Monday: Meet Megan

Megan is a solid 6:15pm lady, so sometimes that means it's just her & Coach Dan, especially during Operation Strength sessions.... 


  1. How long have you been crossfitting?

5 months

2. What is your favorite movement that we do in CrossFit?


3. What was your biggest fear coming into CrossFit MO2DT?

I had zero experience with Olympic/Power Lifts prior to CrossFit.

4. What CF accomplishment are you most proud of?

Overall, just feeling stronger. I've always been a weakling.

5.What's your 9-5 (job)?

I work in Corporate Wellness. So I help a self-funded company keep their employees by way of an onsite wellness center (teaching classes, designing workout programs, etc.) and incentive programs. I also get to wear workout clothes everyday, I have no clue where my jeans are.

6. Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time ?

Talk. To anyone who will listen. 😄

7. What keeps you coming back each day?

The people, the challenge and Dan and Megan date nights.

8. If you could cherrypick a WOD what would you choose?

Rowing Sprints

9. One thing your WOD friends don't know about you?

My past is athletic training and working at hospitals in the rehab unit. If you're broken, I can probably fix you.

10. Favorite "Cheat" Meal?

Mozzarella Sticks.