Step away for a moment

Sometimes you need a little break to refocus,reset, and re-energize.  

We went on vacation, I tracked what I could in myfitnesspal, mostly interested in how much protein I was consuming. I ate reasonable,  had a happy hour drink each day, ate what sounded good which was a lot of fresh fresh. We generally stuck to foods that the locals would eat.  

We worked out 3-4x in the resort gym, using body weight movements and dumbbells. We didn't stress about not working out and we hiked and we walked a lot, far from high intensity.

We stepped away, relaxed, had some fun and got to hang out with each other. It's given us a drive to get back, tackle some house projects, get back in the gym, set some PRs, knock off some year end goals and reset the nutrition and maybe even get the Christmas shopping done.

I was planning on January 1 to refocus on nutrition but I'm ready & excited to start now, beginning Sunday.  

Whether it's a vacation or the holidays or a really busy time during work and you can't balance your sleep, nutrition, workouts, and obligations. Instead of trying to do them all, continue to stress out, make no progress anywhere and feel overwhelmed. Cut yourself some slack. Reduce your workouts to 3x a week. Just eat whole, real foods, don't obsess over weighing and measuring, be in the moment and present. Sleep.  

I promise you'll come back from it in a few weeks, ready to kick ass again. Motivated and excited. Your body will feel good, you mind will feel even better.

And the start of a new year helps too. We've got a few fun things lined up for you all to help keep the motivation high and....The Open is just 76 days away! I see Open Weekly WODs coming soon to the programming!