Member Monday: Meet Mike C.



1. How long have you been crossfitting? About 3 1/2 month.

2. What is your favorite movement that we do in CrossFit? Believe it or not... rowing. When it’s a long one I can “zone out” and concentrate on form. With quick ones I can focus on strong pulls. Still learning to pace myself though.

3. What was your biggest fear coming into CrossFit MO2DT? That I wouldn’t be able to hang with others... I’m very competitive.

4. What CF accomplishment are you most proud of? Probably most recently would be handstand pushups. When I first started I couldn’t do a single one. Now I can kip at least 10-15 in a row.

5. What's your 9-5 (job)?  Lending Manager for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. My team underwrites purchases and refinances of (Conventional, FHA, & VA) mortgages.

6. Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time? Play any sport - basketball, golf, football, soccer, etc.

7. What keeps you coming back each day?  Fellow box members, great coaches, and desire to get better each day. "Never get complacent."

8. If you could cherrypick a WOD what would you choose? Something with rowing, pull-ups, and box jumps.

9. One thing your WOD friends don't know about you?  I love to travel and experience new cultures/environments. Planning a trip to Europe in the near future.

10. Favorite "Cheat" Meal? Zombie Burger (double Raygun burger - without onions), chili cheese fries, and zombie unicorn shake with Fruity Pebbles