Member Monday: Meet Ryan R.


1. How long have you been crossfitting?

I’ve been doing crossfit for a little over two years

2. What is your favorite movement that we do in CrossFit?

The gymnastics movements are my favorite

3. What was your biggest fear coming into CrossFit MO2DT?

Not being in good enough shape to complete some of the workouts

4. What CF accomplishment are you most proud of?

Breaking 200# in the snatch

5. What's your 9-5 (job)?

I'm a manufacturing engineer at John Deere 

6. Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Outside of work, school and crossfit there isn’t much but I like to do triathlons, travel, and go to new restaurants

7. What keeps you coming back each day?

Having a new and challenging wods

8. If you could cherrypick a WOD what would you choose?

Amanda – muscle ups and snatches 

9. One thing your WOD friends don't know about you? 

Before starting crossfit I lost 50lbs

10. Favorite "Cheat" Meal?

Cookies and cream ice cream