The Atmosphere: Part 4 of what to tell your non-CrossFit friends when they say "but CrossFit is expensive".



Group atmosphere; when you walk into our box, music is going, coaches are instructing, people are moving. You will also see a group of members lingering, either stretching after a class or waiting for the next class to start. They are talking with each other, laughing and if they don't recognize you, at least one of them will come up and introduce themselves to you.

CrossFit is something anyone can do; it’s scalable for relative intensity. It can be done in a garage and has free WODS (Workout of the Day) each day. What is missing is the group atmosphere and continual coaching through the workout. I can do "Fran" (21-15-9 Pull-Ups & Thrusters) in my garage. But I guarantee that my intensity will be higher when I do it with a group and therefore my time will be faster. I will have reminders from my coach on my form and the coach and other athletes will push me when is want to rest or slow down.

When have you seen a Globo gym goer on the floor, completely exhausted, trying to catch his breath after a workout? That's right, never.

CrossFit gets results. We get you in and out in 1 hour. The WODs are anywhere from 3-30 minutes long and to get results we want you in 3-5 times a week. 3 days on, 2 days off would be ideal. We have a set of skilled CrossFit coaches that creates our box’s programming. It has intent, purpose and is planned out over weeks and months to give us the appropriate balance of strength, power, flexibility, endurance, balance, agility, accuracy, stamina, and coordination (Known as the 10 General Physical Skills).

Globo gym, they isolate muscle groups and use machines instead of one’s own body and there is no plan if you don’t have a personal trainer. And honestly, have you seen the personal training at a Globo gym? I wouldn’t call it intense. Ask a Globo gym personal trainer to tell you what exercises they are programming to get you those 10 general physical skills list.

Starting or ending your work day with a workout that leaves you physically exhausted but mentally pumped up for hours is something absolutely unique. Everyone warm ups together, everyone gets instruction for the work out, no one leaves until the last person is finished. You will witness people cheering each other on. 

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