Be a little better.

Be a little bit better.

This is something that we focus on daily. If we strive to be better in our movements, in our technique, to push a little bit farther past that red line in metcons, hit 1 more rep on those pull ups, over time we will see bit results. This is hard because society tells us that if we don’t see results right away that it’s not working and waiting is hard. You have to believe it and you have to focus on the tiny bits of progress you make over the course of a week, a month, in 4 months and then in a year.

CrossFit will give you the results if you put in the time. 1 hour a day 3-5x a week. That’s it. There is no need to do more cardio, do 2-a-day workouts, go to spinning class. Give it 100% in your group WOD with the right intensity level for your current fitness and you will be left on the floor, grasping for air, building those bricks to your fittest self yet.

Train for life. We say it, we believe it.

We’d rather have 100 average CrossFitters (which means you are fitter than the general population therefore above average in gen pop) than 1 Regional Competitor at our box. Why? Because while those top CrossFit athletes are pretty amazing to watch, they are the minority and average is the majority. When you come into class, start to spend more time with CrossFitters, you forget that you are above average. You forget most people suck air walking up the stairs, can’t bend over to lift something, and have no goal of ever doing a handstand push-up, rope climb, double unders, or muscle up. But a CrossFitter has those goals. Those goals may be a year or even 2 down the road but they are there.

Yesterday I received one of the best comments I’ve ever heard. A new to us member said,

“I love it here, everyone is so nice, it’s not about beating the person next to you, it’s about being better that you were before…. This is the nicest CrossFit gym I’ve ever been to”.

Yes, we are nice, we love to compete but really, it’s not about crushing the person next to you, it’s about you being better than you. We build each other up, we cheer each other on and we push each other further. Yesterday I was the last one to finish the workout: I was prepared for this as rowing is not my strength and C2Bs were hard yesterday. But I knew I had to be there. Newer members and seasoned members were around me, cheering me on, telling me to keep going. I forgot how amazing it is- how a community can be around you and lift you up when you can’t do it for yourself. This is why the CrossFit is something no other gym can re-create and this is why our box in particular focuses on the community. We build you up in there so that you can build up others outside the box. One positive comment can be a deal changer for people.