Member Monday: Meet Seth

Seth is a newer member to us, you will commonly find him coming in the mornings to do his lifting (he's in the Operation Strength program) or at Noon classes for the WOD. It's like he's been a part of the MO2DT family for years. 


Member Interview

1. How long have you been crossfitting?  I've been doing cf for roughly two years.  Previously at The Arena.  Took a short break last summer and focused solely on Olympic lifting in my garage.

2. What is your favorite movement that we do in CrossFit? I love wallballs. My backside was built for them

3. What was your biggest fear coming into CrossFit MO2DT?  The fear of not knowing anyone is always there, but the welcoming atmosphere immediately displaced fear.

4. What CF accomplishment are you most proud of? I've done several GORUCK challenges, while not technically cf, I wouldn't have been introduced to them w/o CF

5. What's your 9-5 (job)?  I'm a Craft Beer Market Manager for Doll Distributing

6. Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time? Free time = Iowa FB games, anything beer related, bike rides

7. What keeps you coming back each day?  The willingness to want to get better each day.  Whether that be at a specific lift or just to maintain a level of health.  The competitor in me and the community don't hurt either

8. If you could cherrypick a WOD what would you choose? Anything with wallballs, burpees, and rowing

9. One thing your WOD friends don't know about you?  I played rugby for 3 years at UNI, and nicknamed skittles while there

10. Favorite "Cheat" Meal? Smothered chicken burrito from El Bait Shop