Thoughts on The Open Season

I’ve asked some of our newest members to do a series of posts over the next 5 weeks about their experiences in their first Open Season. Each of them are in a different stage of their lives right now but once they walk into the box, those roles and responsibilities get pushed to the side and all of them are athletes with a common goal, to crush that days workout and have some fun.

Initial thoughts after hearing the announcement:

Brandon M (the intern):    On Thursday, I was at the watch party at Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown. We were all patiently waiting for the announcement of 16.1. Once Dave started talking about the 16.1 I knew that it was going to be tough once he said AMRAP. After Dave completed the announcement my very first thought was, “oh no Overhead Lunges.” I wasn’t worried about the burpees or the chest to bars because I knew I would do fine.

Jen (the med student): This is something I can actually do – and possibly be competitive with it!”

Mike (the young professional): 20 MINUTES! That’s a long time. This is going to suck.

Cheyenne (the new college grad):When will I have time to breathe and go fast at the same time.

Brandon R (the teen): I didn't think it was going to be too bad when i first heard it.

Katy L (the mom): Honestly, I was incredibly nervous for the first time. I'd never done an overhead lunge and I knew that 20 minutes is a long WOD. Nearly considered whether I'd been silly to sign up!

One thing going through your head during the workout:

Brandon M:The only thing going through my head during the workout was seven rounds. I set a goal to make it to seven rounds, and to do my entire chest to bars unbroken.

Jen: Do not throw up on Dan !On a more serious note, I told myself it’s only 20 minutes you have ran marathons you can get through this. However, a marathon is not a sprint, it’s  a pacing event. If I could do it again I would pace the cardio intense portions a little better .

Mike C: The overhead lunges were a lot tougher than I thought. Kept telling myself to just get through the last line, but it was a lot tougher than I thought, especially with bad form.

Cheyenne:  I couldn't breathe but I had to keep going and pushing myself to finish.

Brandon R: Just keep moving rest after.

Katy: Breathe, pace, breathe, pace, keep moving was on repeat in my head! I tend to want to start too fast and burn out too quickly. I knew from watching the first heats that pace and steady progress was important.

Best part of the Saturday Open Event:

Brandon M: The best part of the Saturday Open Event was the fact that we had a GREAT turnout. I was thrilled to see over forty people coming to compete in the Open EVEN knowing that the workout was going to be so tough. MO2DT really is a family.

Jen:Cheering everyone on and feeling like an athlete again! I am back on a team and it feels great.

Mike C: The camaraderie and everyone cheering for each other. It was awesome! It felt like a big family pushing each other to achieve things they never have done before.

Cheyenne: Best part about Saturday was being around my CrossFit family all morning and experiencing the pain together. I'm a very big people person so whenever I can make new friends it makes my day. We all supported each other and were able to solve our sorrows at the end with some Dunkin Donuts and drinks later in the day

Brandon R: The energy in the gym and the feeling of accomplishment when done with 16.1

Katy: Feeling a part of something much bigger; the sense of community is intensified and the pain is shared. I have a brand new friend from the noon class who says she wouldn't have done 16.1 if not for me...that kind of teamwork is special. She doesn't know how welcome she made me feel in the noon classes I've attended and that her support means just as much to me!

How you celebrated the completion of 16.1:

Brandon M: My celebration for completing 16.1 was a large peanut butter and cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Jen: I ate and ate and ate for a couple days. I may have over celebrated with food

Mike C: Took my dog out for a run to enjoy the weather for a bit then drank quite a few beers at Fox Brewing

Cheyenne:I spent the first few hours after 16.1 napping... then I celebrated with friends from the gym at Fuzzy’s and went out for drinks later! Much needed night out after all our hard work

Brandon R: Eating a lot of food.

Katy: Half of one of those heavenly toasted coconut donuts I kept hearing so much about! Now I get it! What a treat!


Brandon the intern

Brandon the intern

Jen the med student  (far right)

Jen the med student  (far right)

Cheyenne the recent college grad

Cheyenne the recent college grad

Brandon the teen

Brandon the teen

Mike the young professional

Mike the young professional

Katy the mom

Katy the mom