Thoughts on The Open Season: 16.2 Recap

To get you all pumped for tomorrow, read what our group had to say about 16.2, we had PRs and firsts to celebrate!

Initial thoughts after hearing the announcement:

Brandon M (the intern): My initial thoughts about hearing the announcement was OH NO, HEAVY!!! I knew that I was going to be okay on the toe to bars and double unders but there's no way I can clean squat 185lbs.   

 Jen (the med student): I have never squat cleaned!

Mike (the young professional): I knew DUs would come up eventually. Ugh. I’m still learning DUs so I knew I would probably have to scale or struggle through. I decided to scale and glad I did.

Cheyenne (the new college grad): I hope I can get to the second round. Going to have to keep pushing myself.  Nervous if I got to the third round how I was going to do 95 pounds.

Brandon R (the teen): :)

Katy L (the mom): I was nervous...keep waiting for a WOD that has movements I've done enough to feel comfortable! I'd never done a squat clean, can't do double unders or toes to bar! Once I got over the initial nervousness though, I settled into determination and reminded myself that this it the best way to learn! 

One thing going through your head during the workout:

Brandon M:     One thing going through my head while doing the workout was I need to fly through these toe to bars and double unders and allow myself as much time as possible to do the squat cleans. 

 Jen: Hurry up and get through the cardio give time for the weights.

Mike C: Keep moving! I wanted to get out of the gate somewhat quickly so I could have extra time on the heavier weight. It worked out fairly well.

Cheyenne:  I have to move faster. Those cleans kept slowing me down.

Brandon: Get back to the cleans.

Katy: Make it to round three, hurry up and stop swinging (on the knee ups! - couldn't seem to find a good rhythm!)

Best part of the Saturday Open Event:

 Brandon M: I did the open on Monday evening and I shouldn't have done the WOD in the morning because it was brutal. Also, the atmosphere wasn't the same as the Saturday event. 

 Jen: Cheering everyone on!

Mike C: Seeing people break their PR’s and all the encouragement everyone was giving and receiving.

Cheyenne: I loved challenging myself and seeing everyone push themselves so hard. Seeing my friends get PRs inspires me to work that much harder.

Brandon R: The energy as always

Katy: Well, I can't say it was the donuts because those were not present however unfortunate! :) The truth is the best part was realizing everything is scalable and that even at a scaled level, I was doing things I hadn't done before and it was okay to feel good about that! The top of the day was finding that I actually really like squat cleans!

How you celebrated the completion of 16.1:

Brandon M: After celebrating the open competition I went to the gym and sat in hot tub!

Jen: I did not celebrate this time. Beer next week !

Mike C: I felt good about the workout... after it was done. My goal was to get to the last set and I did. I chose to do scaled version mainly due to DUs and also the weight of squat cleans. I matched my PR (185) - did two reps of 185 on the last set of scaled squat cleans. I celebrated with a Snickers bar, House of Cards and a nap.

Cheyenne: I did a little shopping then went for some drinks that night with a bunch of friends! Also naps are always included on Saturdays

Brandon R: Got in the hot tub

Katy: We celebrate on our drive back home, we talk the WOD, our achievements and our sore muscles to death, grab a quick snack at Hy-Vee (Sushi for Brandon and protein balls for me!) and enjoy each other's company before the rest of the weekend gets the best of our schedule!