What CrossFit Can Give You

CrossFit gives back, if you let it, if you push aside your reservations, step in the door and try us out, you will get much more than a workout.

1) More time with family & friends. There is no need to spend hours working on your fitness. You show up, a coach leads you through a warm up, instruction, and a workout in 1 hour. Give us just 1 hour, 3-5x a week.

2) Friendships. Just graduated college? Moved to the area for a job? Need to increase your social circle? Joining CrossFit sets you up with a group of supportive individuals, who over time, become friends outside the box. It has been especially heartwarming (you know I love seeing people make connections) to see how this has intensified during The Open Saturday's. And if you're looking for a significant other, CrossFit can probably help you with that too. 

3) Fitness. This should be obvious but there are those individuals in your life that say they run "6 miles a day" or "lift weights for 2 hours 6x a week for the past 8 years" and yet they can't pick up a heavy box to move it, squat down properly or perform a pull up to save their lives. You get functional fitness that is constantly varied and performed at a high intensity. You get results this way. You get fitness. 

4) Confidence. You are instructed to do things you can't do when you start. You can't even fathom putting them down on a goal list. But over time and instruction, as you gain more mobility and strength, as you learn the progressions for these technical movements, you are developing confidence. You may not see it for awhile but the coach can see it, so the coach pushes you a bit further, reduces the scaling to keep progressing you. And one day, you try it, you try the Handstand Push Up, the Strict Pull UP, the heavy Snatch. And you succeed. This confidence overflows into your life outside of the box, you increase your expectations for yourself in your job or with your family relationships.