Thoughts on The Open Season: 16.3

Tomorrow is our final Open Event. These last 4 Saturdays have been absolute fun & it's grown our community as well as everyone's confidence in his or her abilities. We train for the unknown each time we walk into the box and we never know what Dave Castro will throw at us in each Open.

Here's some thoughts from our Open crew re-living 16.3 and predictions on what they thought 16.5 would be and NO ONE thought it'd be 14.5 and we've trained for this one!! Celebrate that, you did this already so let's shoot for a PR!

Initial thoughts after hearing the announcement:

Brandon M (the intern): My initial thoughts about hearing the announcement was oh I got this workout! I was happy that it wasn't a lot of weight and more body weight movements.

Mike (the young professional): When I saw muscle ups I thought I jinxed it because I was asking Jamaal on Thursday morning how to do bar muscle ups. He taught me a few things and sent me a video that went through the progression. It helped! 

Cheyenne (the new college grad):  Oh boy those snatches are going to be rough... Those chest to bar pull-ups are also going to be a fun time. It's only 7 minutes so I can do it

Brandon R (the teen): I can't do a muscle up!

Katy L (the mom): I just learned the snatch in the same week but worked with just the bar, no additional weight. Wasn't sure I had the movement down well enough to repeat it consecutively as required and definitely, not able to do muscle ups just yet! Funny, we always focus on what we can't do first rather than what we can! There's a lesson in that somewhere

Your favorite movement in the Open so far?:

Brandon M:    My favorite movement in the open so far would be the chest to bars. I'm really good at doing pull-ups, so those weren't too hard for me to do. 

Mike C: Probably muscle ups even though I didn't do them in the workout. I have been working on different parts of the muscle up movement after classes, but couldn't put it all together until after the 16.3 workout. It helped having great coaches and encouraging people to give me some pointers. Thanks Jamaal, Chris, Clint and Brett for the help. 

Cheyenne: Jump rope & burpees.

Brandon R: Squat Cleans

Katy: I really like Squat cleans! Its a powerful movement

If we were to host Road to Granite Games Workouts in the summer, would you participate (same concept as The Open, June 9-July 4, in Minnesota and there are teams & individuals, more info here:

        Brandon M: I would most definitely want to participate in the Road to Granite. I love competition so any chance I can get to compete I'll take it! 

Mike C: Yeah I probably would. Looks interesting and another way to push myself to achieve results I wouldn't have thought possible before.

Cheyenne: Hopefully by then I'll be a lot stronger! But I think it'll fun to go on a road trip with this amazing community and participate in something together.

Brandon R: Yes. I'd absolutely would!

Katy: I'd absolutely love it! Brandon and I just happened into a video on YouTube of the Granite Games in Minnesota last week! It got us excited thinking there was something maybe more doable than the actual CrossFit Open Games and more local to us

What are your predictions for the last event, 16.5?:

Brandon M: My predictions for 16.5 is a total grinder. I think that Dave will throw something so nasty out that it's going to be a mental struggle to finish

Mike C:  Maybe KB swings, GHDs, and push press.