If you let it. If you show up.


As I was in 6am class yesterday I was observing and thinking. I think I may have had a full circle moment where a parent sees their child do something and realizes they are growing up but I'm not sure because I don't have kids. Read on....

I was watching one guy in particular as we warmed up with PVC front squats. He was able to go full depth. He was given a small cue by the coach to adjust his feet position a bit and his knees were able to drive out. His elbows were high, his elbows were high with a PVC pipe!  

His physique is leaner than when he started in the fall, his face is thinner, he looks 5 years younger. He is no longer one of the newest in classes, he's got experience under his belt and he shows some confidence.

We continued through the warm up, adding in the sets of max effort strict pull-ups. He can rep out a few strict ones now too! I remember teaching him jumping pull-ups and his upper body was too weak to get his chin above the bar even with using a 20in box after just a few reps.

I don't know if he remembers his Day 1 of Foundations. I do. I remember every single one our athlete's Day 1.

On Day 1  we cover Squats. We start with the Air Squat. This gives coaches so much insight as to where this person is in terms of their mobility, weaknesses and what the rest of the week is going to look like for range of motion. 

We needed a 24in box to get him a point of reference to squat to. He was on his toes and probably had never sat down in a chair properly. And that 24in box was hard for him. 

Here he is, just a bit over 6 months into CrossFit and he's changed. You would never have guessed this was the same guy that walked into 6am Foundations on a cool October morning. 

 Each Foundations group holds a special place in my heart. I feel nervous with them as they graduate and go into group classes. I feel excited as they complete a challenging WOD with the group & athletes are giving them high fives. And I feel like a proud parent when I catch them, like today, "all grown up" not scaling as many movements, hitting full ROM and introducing themselves to drop ins and newbies and encouraging the newest Foundations grads in their class.

I hope that he sees how much he's changed. I hope he wakes up with more energy and can feel the mental toughness he is building. I hope he can see the muscle he's worked so hard to grow. I hope he is happy with where he is but he keeps striving for more.

This could be most anyone in our box. If you've joined in the past 7 months I've had the opportunity to coach your Foundations and see your progress and I'm proud of you. So proud of you.

Celebrate the small goals because they will get you the big ones.