30 Days: halfway point

How's Seth doing on his 30 Days? Let's find out. How are you doing on yours? It's harder than you thought, isn't it? 


Two weeks in.  Two weekends down.

  The no beer challenge has been fairly easy.  I haven't really noticed any significant down side to abstaining.  I've had somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 events/promos in the last two weeks where drinking a specific beer was the primary goal for customers, with another 8 events to go.

  I've easily been able to consume water or tea with no real negative reaction from anyone.  I do get asked why (being in the industry that i'm in) I would ever do such a thing.  I also haven't really been pressure by anyone around me to drink, which I appreciate.

This whole thing really shows you who your friends really are.

Pros: quality of sleep, I've lost around 8lbs, being not hungover is awesome, I can drive anywhere at anytime, I'm saving around $50 a week, and I just generally feel better overall.

Cons: super boring, the initial looks and questions from my accounts, and dealing with other drunk people gets annoying at times.  The biggest downfall, I've found (I have cheated slightly) is being able to sample beers that I've never had.

That last con is tough for me, I really enjoy beer.

Overall I've noticed so far the immense role beer plays in social settings.  Beer is such a lubricant for great conversation, and I don't mean getting drunk and losing all inhibition.  It really does bring people to together in a social setting to relax and talk about their day, life, troubles, etc.

This isn't turning into some profound life changing experience, but some nice observations are being made. Getting drunk is simply an unfortunate side effect of enjoying great beer