"CrossFit is too Intense"


Today I've seen people dripping with sweat, gritting their teeth together as they come out of those squat cleans and running the 400s with everything they have left.

This is just a daily workout. It's only Monday. It's nothing special. But it's the expectation. 

There is often a misconception about CrossFit and lifting heavy and intensity. To do CrossFit, one needs to lift heavy and often. False.

We sometimes lift heavy. But what we mainly focus on is intensity. True intensity is scaling to an appropriate weight to hit the intent of the workout, for a few, that would mean heavy. For many, that would mean scaling to what is heavy for them but keeps them moving to keep their heart rate up. 

When scaled appropriately to one's fitness level both of these athletes would still hit the intent of the workout. Both will still think "this is really hard" and their heart rate will be increased, their lungs will be burning, their legs exhausted and core tired.  

And the beauty in all of this is you don't have to figure any of this out. The coach tells you what to do, how to do it and pushes you to get you to that point. And you get to do this along with 15-20 other people, experiencing the same feeling you're feeling which pushes you further than you think possible.  

This is CrossFit. Come step inside our doors, watch a class, try a class. We welcome you!