Year 1


If you started today where would you be in a year from now?

A year ago we became Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown.  A year ago a few people saw the potential and the opportunity to give people the tools to successfully chart their own path to health and wellness.

It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t easy for anyone. Coaches or Athletes.

It wasn’t easy to change the culture of a community. It wasn’t easy to learn new ways, challenge one’s mind and body to do things differently. It wasn’t easy to accept that being uncomfortable is where progress and change happens. It wasn’t easy to do less, better. In a society that “wants all the new things” and “more is better”, we went back to the basics. We went back to functional fitness at its finest.  We went back to fine tuning an air squat before putting weight on that back squat and challenging a half-ass rep of that Overhead Squat to an empty bar over hitting a PR.

We went back to challenging ourselves and others with: “what are your goals?” and “why are you here?”  The majority of us won’t ever see ourselves competing in The CrossFit Regionals or Games, so why the heck do you think you need to train like that? We want to live long, healthy lives. We want to be active and maybe even lift some barbells into our 70s. We enjoy the challenge and pursuit of fitness on a daily basis. We want to break stigmas society has set and push ourselves to the limit, lying on the floor, grasping for air. Don’t confuse our “do less, better” with easy. Easy, it is not.

We choose safety over speed. We choose form over weight every day. You can get just as challenging, if not more so, of a workout using your own body weight and a PVC pipe while moving correctly with full range of motion as you can lifting a heavy barbell, slowly, without full range of motion and proper form, and putting yourself at risk for injury.  You tell us you are going to “rx plus” the workout, we will challenge your "why" and insist you move perfectly and faster than anyone in the class. You don’t need rx plus to be fit. You need a workout that is constantly varied in movements and intensity. There is a time for a grueling, long workout. There is a time for  a heavy lifting session. But the majority of the time you will find medium-heavy weights (relative to your definition of medium heavy, we scale you accordingly) at a short-medium length workout to increase your heart rate and challenge your metabolic system to improve your fitness.

We choose community over programs and numbers. We have Foundations and we have CrossFit classes. It’s that simple. You start at Foundations, graduate and move to the group CrossFit class. This means that those who have been crossfitting  for  4 days are mixed in with those that have been crossfitting for 5 years. This gives you an opportunity to meet people wherever they are in their fitness journey. The veteran may look to the newbie and feel refreshed in the newbie’s celebration of doing that first box jump and remember that at the end of the day it’s for fun and fitness, nothing more. It’s that simple. The newbie will look to the  veteran and be amazed at what this person has accomplished since starting CrossFit, the weight the person can lift, the gymnastics skills he or she has acquired, the way his or her body has transformed.

Not everyone bought into the “do less, better” motto. We lost a few. But what we gained was so much bigger than what we lost. We gained a community who believe in “do less, better”, who have seen results in the programming we use and respect the methods we instruct and coach and continue to see progress, and the drive to be challenged, something  we expect in our athletes.

We changed the culture that is Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown today. We care.

You walk in, someone, whether it be an athlete or a coach, will welcome you, want to know more about you as you are warming up and will genuinely want to know when you will return. Our athletes have referred their family members, their friends and their co-workers to us. Our community has become a fitness family.

Do Less, Better.

Established June 29, 2015.