Friday Firsts: Meet Allison


Friday Firsts

Meet our newest athletes!

1. When you thought CrossFit, what came to your mind (before you joined)? Muscles galore and super hard workouts.

2. How many people know you're doing this CrossFit thing? (First rule: always talk about CF).  I tell everyone I meet ! And constantly annoy my friends about how awesome it is!

3. When do you typically WOD? I'm a nooner.

4. Tell us one thing we don't know about you from your high school days. In highschool I was voted best eyes and most rebellious in my class

5. Best thing you've learned about this experience:  The best thing I've learned about this experience is how fast your body transforms with the right instruction.

**Allison is getting married at the end of this month! Congrats 🍾