Let Us Be Your 3rd Place

I’ve been a bit obsessed with podcasts lately, you should try it out, it may take a few times to find one you get into but when it happens, it me look forward to driving in the car, spending some time on the rower or assault bike or even putting laundry away😮. In listening to a podcast this week I heard this:

“CrossFit has created an environment where it’s cool to get fit [to eat healthy and focus on your fitness].”

When you first start CrossFit you have the following thoughts running through your head:

"these people work out all the time, I bet they never have a drink or eat unhealthy foods."

"How do they all know each other so well?"

"Why are they happy at 6am?"

"Haha, me come to a Saturday morning class, you have to be kidding me?”

Then you begin to talk to some athletes who look like they’ve been here for a while, find out that everyone takes their rest day very seriously, no one does 2x a day workouts, coaches and athletes celebrate and enjoy good food sometimes, people talk to each other, they have fun, everyone leaves sweaty, a bit sore and with a smile on their face and Saturday classes are one of our biggest classes because it’s the only day where we have no pressing schedule to get in and out in an hour and people like each other. Most athletes will hang around the box or wander down to the Farmer’s Market together.

After all, you are who you hang around the most. Think about that a bit.

Besides home and work, where do you spend most of your free time? We hope it’s with us.

1) Home, 2) Work, and 3) the Box.

What’s exciting for us is that you don’t leave CrossFit in the box. You talk about it with friends, co-workers, family, you post about it on social media (and you should fill up social media with accomplishments, goals met because the world needs more positives and what you accomplish is awesome). And you talk about it enough that co-workers, friends, roommates, family, they become interested and they sign up for Foundations.

See what happens here?  The community grows and you introduce your friend to your “CrossFit friend”.  If we did a “Family Tree” we will find that most of us came to Max Oxygen through a referral of sorts and in the end we are all interconnected.

And with the encouragement and focus on health and wellness that you have surrounded yourself with it becomes easier to get more fit. It becomes easier to commit to making it to 3-4 workouts a week. It becomes easier to going to bed on time. It's almost fun to tracking your food. It's easier to giving up going to the bars for each happy hour because you have to get up to workout in the morning, your people are counting on you.

We may bring donuts to a Saturday class but we will also be the first one to help you track that in myfitnesspal or we won’t comment on you choosing a lean meat and vegetable over a burger and fries when we go out to dinner.

Who’s in your tribe & where’s your 3rdplace?