The Open

You've heard the coaches talking about The Open and a few have asked when Open Wednesdays would be returning. Well, this week the workouts have been building your engine in preparation for "that one" longer Open WOD, and beginning TODAY you can sign up for The 2017 Open. 

First, What's The Open?

It's a 5-week long worldwide competition against others in your specific division (by age and skill level, region, state and country). There's a free app to download that will give you stats each week on where you sit in each of these.
Each event is released live on a Thursday night here and you have until Monday at 7pm to complete the workout, submit your score and have it validated by me. We will do our workouts on Saturday morning beginning at 9am, in heats. You will be judged by a certified judge, and you will sign off on your score sheet and give me the original. You will then go home (or use the app) and submit your score. Then I see you did that and I will validate it to make sure it is the same as as the one you gave me. 

Why do I sign up, I'm not going to make the Games?

I can tell you that not one of the coaches is going to qualify for Regionals. We sign up anyways because it's a test of fitness. We like to know where we stand. It's becomes official to us, we push ourselves a little bit further out of our comfort zone. We may hit a new PR or finally get that gymnastics skills down during an Open Workout.

Ask anyone that was around for the 2016 Open, those 5 Saturday mornings are filled with fun, nerves, excitement, community, food, and Fuzzy's. For many of us, it turned into an afternoon long party to celebrate the fact that we survived another workout and discussion on what could the next week bring. These are the best 5 Saturdays of the year.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to hear more about past Open experiences and learn more details.

But for now here's what I challenge you:

1) Sign up for The Open. If you have never made a CrossFit account, do that first. You can do that here. If you registered for The Open last year, you will have an account and you may need to get your password reset. Then you will have 5 steps to completing registration. Search for our affiliate, Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown.

2) Share the link on your social media pages that you registered! Tell everyone you have committed to testing your fitness. 

3) Come in to the box and write your name on the black board in the front!