Goals & Progress

At the beginning of each new year, many people set resolutions which is defined as "a firm decision to do or not do something". We don't believe in resolutions here, we look at two things: progress and goals

We believe that if you come in each week, make a little bit of progress each time, you'll eventually hit the goal that you set. We probably believe in you more than you believe in you because we, as coaches, have seen it countless times, daily progress, gets big results.

This week in class, specifically on Thursday, we will set aside some time for your 2017 goal(s). Here are some steps to take to set realistic goals. Please note that simply writing these goals down is not going to accomplish them but it is a great way to hold you accountable and you will see them everyday in the box.

Here's an example and a step by step progress tracker:

Goal: "I want to do a pull-up" 

Where are you currently(this is important to note and to be honest in): using a green band for strict pull ups and sometimes when I'm tired I don't get my chin over the bar.

Step 1: The Work. Do as many banded pull-ups as you can with a black band (the next resistance down) in a workout then move to the green band after you can no longer hit proper range of motion. Or if it's a jumping pull up day as the scaling option and you always use a 12 inch box. Reduce that to a 45# plate and force yourself to jump higher and pull a bit more with your arms. 

Step 2: The Work is to be done each week, not just when you feel like it. Spend 2-3x a week after class working on strict pull ups 3x Max Reps, using the lightest band possible. Switch it up and do some scapula pulls or try doing a few reps of negatives (starting at the top of a pull up and slowly lowering yourself down, do these sparingly).

Step 3: Little things are big things. Do push ups. If you are scaling your push ups to your knees the moment it gets hard, you won't get any stronger. 

Step 4: It won't be easy. Your hands will be sore. Your lats will be sore. You may not want to wash your hair. This won't be easy and fun. You must build your pulling strength, grip strength, you must develop your lats and upper back, your traps, forarms, pecs, external obliques and more (pull ups work so many parts of your body, which is why CrossFit loves pull ups).

Step 5: Your goal doesn't have a hard and fast deadline. Once March 1 hits and you still haven't gotten your pull up, don't give up on your goal. Keep working, it's working. You may see some changes in your upper body from the little bit of extra work you've done, you may be down to a black band for your 3x ME strict pull ups.

Step 6. Keep it simple, trust the process. If you are still working on a strict pull up and you are frustrated because you can't do a Bar Muscle Up yet, stop it. You  must be able to do the simplest movement first before doing that movement in a more complex move. (This is the same as asking why you can't Snatch 100# when you can't Over Head Squat 100#).

 If you have no idea how to break down your goals, please email me or ask a coach in class on Thursday. 

A little bit of progress every day adds up, over the course of the months and the years. If you speak to any of the coaches, (we've all been crossfitting for at least 3 years, we're all still here because we know it works), it's the constant progress we see over the years that keeps us passionate and motivated. CrossFit keeps working for us. Ask us what we did prior to CrossFit, I bet if we put all of our diet and fitness ventures together, there is not one things we haven't tried. From Oly lifting, to aerobics, all the fancy gym machines, spinning, at home workout videos, marathons, no fat, low fat, no carb, no bread diets. You'll also see that there's not one of us feels that we have achieved it all in CrossFit. We work on our weaknesses each day too.

Let's do this together. Make our weaknesses strengths and our strengths second nature.