5K for Time

This Saturday you have the opportunity to test your 5K Run time. We've tested the 5K Row multiple times, we've ran over 2 miles in WODs and a few Saturdays ago you ran 1 mile, did a metcon, ran 1 mile. 

According to the CrossFit Journal, the 5K Run is the most programmed workout on CrossFit.com, it is also most likely the most avoided. Do not avoid this workout. Do not find the excuse that it is too cold to run. Do not use this as an active rest day and leisurely jog those 3.1 miles. Test yourself in this Endurance Benchmark. If you've never ran a 5K before, this is your chance to PR! If it's been awhile, this is your chance to re-test. To date, we have not ever tested this as a box. So most of you will have that -- under your SugarWOD Endurance Benchmark.

Why do we CrossFit? To be better at life.  [We] “want to be good at everything, not great at anything in particular. Elite athletes, on the other hand, sacrifice competence in some fitness domains for high performance in others.

 [In our programming, and the purpose of CrossFit, in general is to] “shoot for moderate levels of competence in all fitness domains. Aim too high and you’re going to risk training-related injuries. Aim too low and you risk injuries due to deconditioning.” The CrossFit Journal, “Good at Everything or Great at Something,” October 2009.

Gray’s Lake, 7:30AM Saturday.  We will meet at the entrance directly across from Water Works Park on Fleur. Wear running shoes if you have them. Dress in layers. We will be doing a warm up and a WOD briefing. I'll be documenting your time. Treat this like a benchmark day. Time cap is 60 min.

Enjoy. See you early Saturday morning.