We’ve got just over 2 weeks left of 2017. Have you checked off your 2017 goals yet? If not, look at them again and speak to your coach, it may be more obtainable than you think and you just need a little push. Give it a try.

If you’re not even close to meeting them or you didn’t set any. Re-evaluate then, write down what areas you did make progress on, what needs work, and look at other areas of your life, maybe there were some unexpected changes that set you back a bit.

What’s next?

Bring your list to the 2018 Goal Setting Workshop January 2 at 5:30pm or January 3 at 6:30pm and Coach Jess can help you set specific goals with a timeline and mini milestones to reach to get you to your end goal.

Then write them down. Tell others about them. Keep yourself accountable.