Go All In

What happens if you "go all in" to this CrossFit adventure? 

If you're like most, you started CrossFit to get into better shape, you were tired of not seeing results from what you were currently doing and you were getting bored with your workouts. 

You completed Foundations, you found out you were not in as good of shape as you thought you were (it's ok, we felt the same way when we started too), and you could barely complete a 7 min workout without feeling like your body was going to hurt for days. 

You decided to give it a try & signed up for a membership. You now go to classes 3-4x a week, you've gotten a little bit faster, a little bit stronger and you can do 10 double under now and you've begun talking to those in your classes! You've noticed some new muscle definition in your body, your legs are sore most days because "CrossFit people squat all the time". You share with a few others that you are doing CrossFit.

For many people, this is where CrossFit ends and they go back to their every day lives. That 1 hour at the gym is fun but they are a little bit hesitant to go to attend a class time out of their regular schedule or go out for a beer with their gym friends or spend some time hanging around after class to work on their 2017 goals. That's ok!  

But what happens if you go all in? 

You'll find that you'll love CrossFit even more, you'll talk about it more, you'll talk about it enough that you're significant other will come try a class, your co-worker will ask what you do at workouts (and if he or she doesn't, you'll talk about it anyways). You'll find that you will begin to talk to your regular WOD crew about things  non-fitness related. You'll go out for a drink after class (The Lift on Wednesdays, Happy Hour Fridays) You'll attend the special WODs (Memorial Day, Hero WODs, Charity Events), you'll participate in The Open. You'll add CrossFit friends as Facebook friends. You'll create group messages with your CrossFit friends.

Pretty soon, you're CrossFit friends will be friends. . You'll find that you're hanging out with people interested in bettering themselves on a daily basis. You'll find that your life won't be separated by CrossFit and Life but it'll become a part of your lifestyle. Your fitness hour will be just as much your social hour. You'll spend way longer than that hour in class.

You'll begin to watch CrossFit YouTube videos, you'll read articles on how to get better at a certain lift, you'll research which jump rope is best, should you where lifters or go with the Nano or Metcon for your shoe. 

You'll grow more confident in yourself. You may then demand more out of the your career, you may look for a different career all together. You may decide to end the relationship you've been in for too long or finally get the courage to ask that special person on a date. 

What happens if you go all in with CrossFit? Anything, anything is possible.