More Than A Workout

You most likely signed up for CrossFit because you wanted to get fit. You wanted to become stronger, you wanted to lose body fat, you wanted a workout that was challenging and you wanted to get results.

Well, here you are. You've found that it's so much more than a workout.

CrossFit forces you out of your comfort zone, it demands that you do things you have never done before or would avoid if you were writing your programming. Each class consists of a group of strangers that are forced together for an hour and suffer together (suffer in the best way, remember you signed up for CrossFit because you wanted results). For most, they'd likely never cross paths if it weren't for CrossFit. But that shared experience of suffering through a WOD created a bond.

And those strangers became friends, because in CrossFit, even if you don't know much about that person, you invite him or her out for coffee or drinks or tacos (We love Fuzzy's) and you introduce him or her to other crossfitters from other classes. You become Facebook friends, you exchange text messages, you get into group texts with other Max Oxygen members. You make plans to hang out, for some of you, you hang out a lot.

You become a community. You become a CrossFit family. You look out for each other, you check in on each other, you tell the coach when someone isn't feeling well or has a personal issue and may not be 100% on in class today, you challenge each other to eat healthy and push for a PR as well as when to take a rest day because that is needed too. 

Over the past 2 weeks as a CrossFit community we have supported a CrossFit family in a time of need, we've mourned together, welcomed babies into our community, rounded up dumbbells, welcomed new members into classes, complained about 17.1 together, celebrated multiple birthdays and the getting through 17.1, and had several social outings. And that's just in the past 2 weeks. 

As a coach, I get to bounce around to different class times and mingle with the various communities within this community. It's an amazing thing to see that whether you are from the Nooners or the 6am crew (both of which are very different), or any of the classes inbetween, the message is still the same:

We've got your back. You're one of us.  

And as a coach, I couldn't be more proud of each one of you and I'm sure the rest of the coaching staff woukd say the same thing. Thank you for making this a healthy, positive, supportive community.