Friday Firsts: Meet Hugh

Meet our newest members of MO2DT!

1. When you thought CrossFit, what came to your mind (before you joined)? High intensity interval training, strong community and muscly people.

2. How many people know you're doing this CrossFit thing? (First rule: always talk about CF). For the first few months I only told family and close friends but after I finished my first Crossfit Open i started sharing my crossfit accomplishments with the social media world! 

3. Favorite workout so far: Definitely enjoy any Olympic lifting but its hard to beat Nick (Hofer’s) farewell workout when we got to shotgun some beers and run around. 

4. When do you typically WOD? Right now I'm WODing three times a week at 6am before work but am working up to a five-a-week plan

5. Tell us one thing we don't know about you from your high school days. I was a boy scout, reached Eagle scout senior year!

6. Best thing you've learned about this experience: No matter how hard you work in the gym, there is no substitute for a healthy diet/lifestyle.