If you are competing today, take a moment to read this:

Scott joined Max Oxygen 1 year ago next week. He worked at EMC and their wellness center was under construction for 6 weeks, so during off hours, EMC employees used the box. Scott typically worked out before our Noon class, he'd be one of them to stick our for a least a few minutes to watch what the class was doing. When 6 weeks was up, he along with 8 other EMC employees decided to take Foundations and give CrossFit a try. Upon completion of Foundations, he let me know that while he wasn't planning on joining originally, he became hooked and there was just something about the energy in the box and the daily challenges in each workout that he loved. 

His workout time was noon. He fit right in the rest of the Nooners and he even picked up on asking Nate's daily question (usually right before we were to start the clock and after the coach has covered every single detail of the workout) "Is this a partner WOD?" 

When Scott was found out he had a brain tumor, he messaged most of the Nooners, within 12 hours, they had complied a meal train up through May and were keeping his spirits up with lots of texts and messages. A few visited him in the hospital. 
Scott was eager to get back to the box, on February 7 he returned to the noon class, this time with his wife, Suzanne. He was so excited for her to meet his nooners. While he couldn't workout, he watched and during the WOD, he received the phone call from the doctor stating that the tumor was cancerous and it was in Stage 3.

That Friday, the Nooners had already planned an outing, Scott was excited to get away. Wow, this crew had way to much to and I'll let them tell you how the night/early morning ended. Scott had the best time. It was the last time we'd see Scott.

Scott ended his cancer battle on Feb 21.

Today, as you are working out, know that Scott's plan was to be your DJ today.  We asked him what were some of his favorite workouts and we created each one of these with Scott in mind. When he saw the draft of the workouts, he texted me "I'd have to say, you nailed it". Scott loved heavy lifts, cleans especially, and challenging workouts that you push well past your comofort zone like in "Jackie" and of course, we created a special Partner WOD to finally answer "yes, Scott, today it's a partner WOD, just for you".