It's time to turn the page

We close a chapter. We will hold our final classes at 500 Locust tomorrow. 

Personally, I've evolved as a person and a coach at this place. I am not the same person that stepped into 500 Locust July 2014. And I hope as you reflect, you realize you are not the same person that walked through these doors either. I remember the day I coached my very first class as a L1 trainer. I was terrified, even with David there ready to step in to save me and give me feedback after class. I remember coaching my very first Foundations class. I didn't sleep the entire night before, I got up extra early and reviewed everything I needed to teach on Day 1. While terrifying, I found that it was incredibly exciting to be the person to introduce CrossFit to others and share my love for CrossFit. I've coached over 1500 hours at this box which means I've had the opportunity to coach each and everyone of you. 

More importantly, I hope that you not only fell in love with CrossFit and found that it's made you more fit and that it's become a healthy obsession, I hope that you have been embraced by the community. I hope that you have found friendships and relationships and support within these walls of our community. Every CrossFit box says they have "the best community" and community can be defined differently for each box. But when you have not 1 or 2 drop-ins but 99% of the drop-ins take a moment out of their day to either email me, leave a review on Google or our Facebook page, or take me aside and thank me and you, as a community, for being such great hosts to them, for pulling them in and having this feel like home for their 1 class or their week-long stay- that is what signifies community at another level. 

For each of you to welcome our new Foundations grads each month, to stop and introduce yourself to them, to help them navigate their first classes,  that is community. 

For you to welcome new-to-the-area members, to grab their number and meet up with them for biking or drinks after class, that is community.

For you to pull together to help out members who need it, without the prompt of me or other coaches, that is community. 

To pull together in a matter of hours when Scott and Jess' families needed our support, that is community.

To take time out of your weekends to volunteer for our charity competitions, to judge for The Open, and now to help us move over the weekend, that is community.

500 Locust has been the home to so many memories as Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown, new jobs, new coaches, graduations, PRs, marriages, pregnancy announcements, even a proposal. We've also shared divorces, moves, a cancer diagnosis, and loss and grief. And whether it be a celebration or a tragedy, it's always done together. No one walks alone once you've stepped into the doors of this community. 

It's time to the page, not close the book.

Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown is not the building we are in or the address we hold, it is a group of coaches and individuals who come together as a whole to create this community and that's the easiest item to pack and move. 

As we pack up the equipment and weights and dismantle the rig, and coach our last classes, it's going to be a little sad. It should be. It's a place that has held memories for so many and it feels like we are leaving our first home, the one where we became a family. And on the opposite side of that, we have so much to be excited for. New memories to be made, new events to be had, a fresh space filled with potential. By moving just a bit south of Downtown (and having a parking lot) we have the potential to reach 1000s of individuals to be welcomed as a part of our community. We have the opportunity to impact these peoples' lives just as you have been impacted & that's where the next chapter starts.