Friday Firsts: Meet Alex

Friday Firsts Blog Post: Meet our newest athletes!

1. When you thought CrossFit, what came to your mind (before you joined)? Weird pull-ups, paleo, cult. 

2. How many people know you're doing this CrossFit thing? (First rule: always talk about CF). Just the usual friends, family and co-workers. Anyone I care to talk to on a regular basis knows health and fitness have always been an interest so I'm not too worried about scaring anyone away at this point.

3.Favorite workout so far: Obviously the one rep bench max. But really, there was one we did that involved wall ball shots, power cleans, and deadlifts and I was at least familiar with those movements. I think it was the first timed workout where avoiding death wasn't my only goal so that was a real meaningful moment for me.

4.. When do you typically WOD? 5:30PM

5. Tell us one thing we don't know about you from your high school days. Not sure I have a great answer here other than the typical "I thought Aeropostale shirts and cargo shorts were solid fashion choices" train of thought. 

6. Best thing you've learned about this experience: I've always been more of a loner and I always thought the emphasis on camaraderie within CrossFit was kinda bullshit, but it's honestly been the biggest difference in workout intensity between now and what I was doing before I joined.