Friday First: Meet Andy!

Meet one of our newer members at MO2DT!

1. When you thought CrossFit, what came to your mind (before you joined)? 

I didn't know much about it but figured it would be very intense.  What surprised me is that the workouts are usually only 10-30 minutes long.  I figured I'd hate every second of it and I'm surprised to have been wrong about that too.

2. How many people know you're doing this CrossFit thing? (First rule: always talk about CF). Favorite workout so far: 

Several dozen I've lost track :) I can't always control how much weight  I'm able to do (how much Jess lets me do, #jjp)  but I can control how well I follow the First Rule.  I like workouts that involve pullups because that's been the area of most improvement for me. 

3. When do you typically WOD? 

4:30 usually,  or 5:30 if I feel my boss is more disappointed in me than usual

4. Tell us one thing we don't know about you from your high school days. 

I went to Clear Lake HS, played baseball,  basketball,  and tennis. I worked at a McDonalds and that motivated me as well as anything else ever did.

5. Best thing you've learned about this experience: 

To be honest I'm surprised at how accepting and non-judgmental everyone is. As someone who never lifted and doesn't have a lot of strength,  it's pretty essential to have that environment.   The coaches are very knowledgeable and do a great job at finding the balance between max effort and safety. Couldn't be happier about the decision to join and the way it's going.