#soontobesandy Wedding....how it happened from the eyes of an Affiliate Manager

Jordyn and Coach Brett are getting married Saturday!

Many of you have been with us from their beginning but maybe you didn't know how their story began, here's a recap (from the eyes of an affiliate manager):


January 2016: Free Trial

I get an email from a female who wants to try out class with her friend then I get a text from one of our former members saying that she recommended that 2 of her co-workers try CrossFit and gave them 2 boxes to try out. This makes me smile.

Jordyn and Alisha come into 5am class,and  it was really cold even for a January morning. Brett is working out in that class. He used to be a regular 5amer, if you can believe that. One of these ladies gets close to puking.... Brett shares this with me and my heart sinks to my gut. Ugh, we never want that to happen to anyone, especially a newbie. I follow up with them and invite them to come back again, to get a better idea of what a class looks like and if they want to join, what next steps look like. One of them comes back (Jordyn) then I don't hear from them again and our next Foundations class comes and goes filled with newbies but none of them are Jordyn or Alisha.


In the meantime, I find out that one of them is on vacation and they want to begin Foundations when she returns. We set this up for an early morning time. It's just the two of them and me. Brett later comes up to me and asks about the blonde one, because "she's cute". I tell him what I've learned about her so far (she's young, was in school as an education major, loves dogs). Brett asked me to put in a good word and that he'd be around to help with anything.

As we continue into the next few days of Foundations, the girls and I ended up moving from the gym floor to the locker room together since we all had to get ready for work, this gave me an opportune time to get to talk to Jordyn more in depth than I would when I coach. In this, I began talking about the coaches she'd see in her morning classes, specifically Brett,and how long he has been a coach and how much knowledge he had, how he was actually one of my first coaches and how helpful our coaches are regardless if they are an athlete in the class or coaching that class (which all of this is true).


February 2016: The Open 

Shortly after their Foundations graduation, it was the start of the CrossFit Open. We somehow convinced Jordyn and Alisha to join us for 16.1 and how much FUN we have each Saturday morning during the Open season (really, we have the best time).  Jordyn even officially signed up for the Open just a few weeks after beginning CrossFit. This makes me even happier, each year I make it my own goal to get as many members to officially register as possible. 

16.1 was a fun one- Overhead Walking Lunge, Burpees, and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. Jordyn had never even lunged with a barbell at this point and Brett was eager to be her judge and also coach her through it- with a Busch Light in his hand. #typicaljudgebrett Well, Jordyn also had a love for Busch Light. #buschlatte So now here we are, for the next 5 Saturdays, Coach Brett as Jordyn's judge. This is how it all started....


August 2016: The Great CrossFit Family Vacation

If you don't know, David, one of the box co-owners, lives in Colorado and we had been planning a trip to drop-in to his first box in Frisco and head to CrossFit Roots, and go outdoor adventuring for months (a trip with CrossFit coaches who plan their vacation around CrossFit, shocking),this trip was planned event before Jordyn was a member of the box. Originally, this trip was made up of: Nick and I, Jamaal, Kristen, Brett and Dan. Dan bailed on us early on in the summer so there was an open seat in the Fam Van.  Brett invited Jordyn along and she officially became a member of the crew. Now, I'm friends with everyone at our box, some people I get closer with and I may even get crazy and go hang out with you outside of the gym (except I'll always be home and in bed early). During this trip, this is where I became "outside the box friends" with Jordyn. I remember saying to Nick, "I like her for Brett, she's low key, low drama, loves Sophie (Brett's special dog) and likes to go to bed early too". BTW, David was not even in the state of CO when we were there. #altitudesickness #eggfarts #noonedied #crossfitfamilyvacation #stayhydrated


April 2017: CrossFit L2 Seminar Weekend

 I convinced Leah and Brett to join Nick and I in #thepursuitofexcellence and register for the L2 Seminar in Omaha. It'd be great, I thought; David requested to work that seminar too and we'd be able to get half the coaching team to #levelup and bring so much info back to the box to continue to develop at coaches. David was also not at this seminar, he was on a trip for CrossFit Training Media, #whereintheworldisdavid #typical.

Day 1 was great, we all ended up being split up into different small groups for our course and as we were discussing the day's events during dinner, I had to share a secret with them. I keep a lot of stuff to myself, the coaches don't need to know the struggles or stressors of the details of managing a box, they need to put 100% on to make their class the best hour of their athletes each day. 

And maybe it was because I had a glass of wine or that it was weighing on my shoulders and if I shared it with them, we could figure it out together. I told Leah and Brett (obviously, Nick already knew) that we had just a month to find a new home for our box or we were done. We were being kicked out of our space. NO home, No Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown. 

Brett also said, "well, I have to share some news too" and he brought up a photo of an engagement ring on his phone. Jordyn's Engagement Ring. He also said that he wanted to propose at the box, where they first met so that means he has a month to figure out how this is going down. He asked for Nick and I's help. #iloveplanningthings #nickwasallaboutthephotos #lifegoals

Brett chose May 27 as The Day.

May 2017: The Proposal

The Saturday before Memorial Day. "This would be perfect!", my affiliate manager inner voice was saying, "The gym would be clean and shiny, ready for our final big event on Memorial "Murph" Monday, it'd be free of people on a Saturday evening, and we could set it up to video and photograph the proposal." 

Brett was wanting a celebration of sorts afterwards to share the news. How could we get people together without telling them the reason?

I created a private event hosted by Nick and I to share some "really big news" and invited everyone from the box. If I make an event, people will make an effort to show up, because that's what we do. CrossFitters support each other. Well, this private event got people talking and assuming that Nick and I were:

 moving away (apparently choosing a convertible with dogs waving as the event photo hints that there's a move, I just picked it because it was cute).

 buying the gym

 adopting a baby


adopting a puppy

Even Jordyn was so into watching my every move, trying to figure it out and texting me all these assumptions, certain that we were getting Boston a fur-sister.

On the flip-side, it was actually really fitting that the gym was looking for a new home because I was really stressed, tired and measuring out my wine and my face showed it all.

Brett told us he was taking Jordyn to Baru 66- a place that Jordyn had been wanting to go to for months. He then planned to stop at the gym to use the restroom, on the way to a bar downtown and then were planning to head to Nick and I's secret announcement....apparently this is something that nearly everyone who had 24-hour access did on the weekends during their shenanigans Downtown- and it wasn't uncommon for Brett to do this either.

Brett comes in, then texts Jordyn to come in to the gym. Music playing, photographer Nick ready, ring sparkling on the table, the details were on point. 

****side story on how we got the ring to the gym.

Brett texted us when they had left for dinner and Nick and I were to go to his home, get the ring and a bottle of champagne that has been waiting for this event, the door would be unlocked. Reid was living in Brett's basement and I assumed he wasn't home. Well, he was. Reid heard the dogs barking and came up stairs as I was walking to the door, Reid greeted me in his underwear. We've never spoken about it to this day but now everyone knows. 

The proposal was beautiful, it was on my life goal list to be a part of a proposal, so thank you, Brett for helping me cross that off. 


After some photos by Nick. Now it was time to celebrate and head to Nick and Jess' Surprise Event. 


We were running late and those that were gathering there waiting for us, were getting eager to find out what the big surprise was, we had some FB live streaming and honestly, I was surprised the amount of people that came out to celebrate our news and if they couldn't be there were anxiously texting me about it. Afterwards, I was also told that I wasted my one chance and if/when we do have an actual surprise, people won't show. #winsomelosesome #worthit

October 20, 2018 Wedding Day #soontobesandy


Jordyn and Brett have probably had one of the challenging years in terms of feeling settled and grounded. Brett sold their home in West Des Moines, they moved to Norwalk and then to Hartford, back to Norwalk and back to Hartford. Brett's boys graduated and went off to college. Jordyn changed jobs and continues to go to college, she's almost finished with her degree! Brett accepted a position as Assistant Principal in Knoxville. They purchased land and are building a home in Hartford and they are planning this wedding.


I can almost guarantee you won't find a more fit Wedding Party. So many CrossFitters, including the Pastor and photographer (she's a great CrossFit competition shooter too). And if you're not into CrossFit and are attending this wedding, I apologize, people will be talking CrossFit, will be doing pistol squats, handstands, squats and flexing and eating, a lot. We don't mean to be annoying or intimidating (we're actually some of the most welcoming people you'll meet and we'll probably invite you to our gym) it's a part of who we are, getting to the box for our WOD is much a part of our routine as is having coffee for you. It's our social hour, workout hour, therapy hour, all rolled into one.

If you'd like to see what CrossFit is all about, how it can change your life,help you find your significant other and best friends, please sign up for a trial class by emailing Jess. (had to plug this).


Also, we celebrate big events with a workout, you're all invited to #soontobesandy Wedding WOD on Saturday, October 27 9am. It'll be a partner workout. 


Now, Brett and Jordyn- could we figure out how get this party bus to the box for some photos Saturday? I've got some really great ideas for photos that would look perfect on social media and would get the attention of CrossFit.com for a repost. #affiliatemanagergoals #getreposedbycrossfit #getthedavecastrotolikeit #getnicolecarrolltolikeit


Now, Brett and Jordyn- could we figure out how get this party bus to the box for some photos Saturday? I've got some really great ideas for photos that would look perfect on social media and would get the attention of CrossFit.com for a repost. #affiliatemanagergoals #getreposedbycrossfit #getthedavecastrotolikeit #getnicolecarrolltolikeit


Congrats, we love you and no matter how far away you move, you're a part of our CrossFit family for life, but really, get yourselves to the box. Now, there's no excuses.