Sit Down with The Coach: Kory

Meet Coach Kory

coach kory.jpg

How'd you find CrossFit?

I learned about it in 2010 and I kind of followed it, but I didn’t get into it.  I ended up starting in 2014 on my own! I also got my Level 1 in 2014, just to learn more about CrossFit.  I was an intern at CrossFit Hardstyle, which was in Johnston, and that is where I met Coach Dilon.  We hosted a deadlift competition at Southridge Mall and that’s where him and I met. In the past, I had been a personal trainer at UNI for a while, and then I coached at Alter Locust in Sioux City.  

Favorite movement to teach? And to perform?

Olympic weightlifting.  I really like teaching those lifts-cleans, jerks, and snatches.  To perform-squat and bench. I like to squat, a lot!

Why did you choose to apply at MO2DT?

I had known about it for a while.  Back when it was downtown, it was only about a block away from where I was living.  I had heard about it and passed by it, but had never stopped in for a class. I dropped in a few times.  I reached out to Jess about coaching and it has worked out.

Favorite way to relax?

Naps.  I love naps and binging on Netflix.  

When do you coach classes? When do you prefer to WOD?

No set schedule right now for when I’m coaching.  I’m just filling in as needed, but I would guess it will end up being afternoon classes more regularly.  

I’m usually in the noon class or 6:30 PM class for WODs.  

Best health-focused tip that has helped you?

Be consistent.  With everything.  It’s not necessarily about being perfect, but consistent over a long period of time.  When it comes to training and nutrition-just having healthy habits.

For example, I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  I don’t always have meals prepped, but at least planned out.  I do have an Instapot, and I’ll do like rice and chicken and portion that out.  Sometimes I’ll do steak. That always makes a good and quick meal. Also-lots of eggs!

Biggest CrossFit accomplishment to date?

Becoming a coach!

What's your "real job"?

I currently work at Exile part-time, other than that, I’m here!  

Favorite benchmark WOD?

Grace, Fran, and CrossFit Total, which includes squat, deadlift, and overhead press.  

Favorite memory here so far?

Thursday I helped Coach Reid hit a lifetime PR in overhead squat, at 160# after he said he wasn’t sure he was going to get 135#.  

What makes you enjoy coaching at MO2DT?

It’s just a really good community.  Definitely that and the fact that the different classes have fun with each other.  Members really seem to get along. I’ve noticed that many members have their set class time they attend and are often are catching up before or after class.  Everyone seems to be genuine to each other, too. What’s awesome is that all the members are super friendly to each other, no one lets egos get in the way, and that’s not the case at all gyms.

I’ve been to other gyms where members are just super competitive, which doesn’t always work.  I think members here do a really good job of welcoming new athletes.

MO2DT is also really good about sticking to original content of what Crossfit is supposed to be.  We focus on a really good workout, high intensity, but also proper form in all movements. We really focus on going over the movements and technique BEFORE the workout, to stress the importance of good form and safety.  

Overall, all the members have been really nice.  Even when I dropped in a few times, members came up and introduced themselves to me.  I’m hoping to get to know more members in different class times, soon!