The 2018 Open Intramural Teams are....



For our draft, priority was given to the team with the most total lifetime SugarWOD fist bumps.

Team 1: Captains: Kristen, Jamaal, Reid (2822 fist bumps) TEAM NAME: Avengers


Danielle H, Joe Androski, Rachel H, Tim M, Amy T, Ryan R, Zak S, Andy K, Sarah G, Alison K, Bernie G, Brett B, Andrew S, Matt K, Matt M

Team 2: Captains: Dilon, Leah, Bryan (14276 fist bumps) TEAM NAME: TACOCAT


Tony H, Diane P, Alyssa D, Meghan P, Tom L, Shelby K, Taylor, Jon H, Rick R, Michelle M, Caleb T, Viki A, Mike B, Alız B, Travis H.

Team 3: Brett, Jess, (Dan and Nick) (8537 fist bumps) TEAM NAME: #davecastroisaprick


Shawn T, Joe Austen, Steph T, Julie T, Garrett C, Nick N, Alyson F, Steve G, Chris W, Justin B, Mario V, Sergio S, Cindy N, Morgan M, Ami P, Mike M, Jordyn E.

Reminder: Here's ways to earn points for your team. This is just the beginning, there will be more ways to earn points announced each week:

  1. ·       Official Open Sign Up                                                      20 points
  2. ·       Judge Course Completion                                                 20 points
  3. ·       Judging (signature on score sheet)                                    5 points
  4. ·       Open WOD at 5, 6 or Noon class                                       5 points
  5. ·       Friday Night Lights                                                          10 points
  6. ·       lululemon purchase on 2/22                                             5 points per item
  7. ·       18.1 View Party participant                                               10 points
  8. ·       Head to head 18.1 athlete (2 males, 2 females)                   10 points
  9. ·       Put in score by 4pm Sunday (if officially registered) 10 points
  10. ·       Attend post Open event                                                   10 points
  11. ·       Purchase an Open shirt                                                   15 points
  12. ·       Attend the Recovery WOD Saturday 9am                            10 points
  13. ·       Social Media post using #mo2dtopen                                  5 points per week
  14. ·       Participate in the week’s theme                                         15 points