You've Prepared for the Dam Race

Diane, Amy L, Mike M, Brad, Tim P, Justin, Andy, Erika (yes, the one that lives in Arkansas) and Coach Dilon:


Even if you haven't formally trained for Dam to Dam, like the before-I-Was-A-CrossFitter would have when training for a 12.4 mile race, you are more than ready for this. You CrossFit.

Now I won't say your feet will not hurt because I can almost guarantee that they will. You haven't spent hours and miles on your feet pounding the pavement. But you have been training. You've been lifting weights overhead, doing repeat 200-400 and 600 meters, practicing your pistol squats and KB swings, and improving your Olympic weightlifting technique, even sandbag getups have helped you prepare for this race. You've been doing functional fitness that can be applied to every day tasks and transfers over to nearly any other sport you want to do on a whim. 

Why? You've spent time in aerobic training which is high power output(think "Fran" or Wednesday's SDLHP, Run, Push Press, Run workout) and high intensity. It builds muscle, whereas aerobic (distance running) BURNS muscle. Think of a sprinter's body (defined muscles) verses a marathoner's body (skin and bones, very little muscle) looks like. 

Greg Glassman wrote about this in "Metabolic Conditioning" in the CrossFit Journal Article..."Ultimately the CrossFit position on metabolic conditioning, or “cardio”, is summed in two points: • Anaerobic training can match endurance training for aerobic benefit. • Metabolic training with varying and mixed exercise modalities avoids specificity of adaptation allowing for additional first wave – cardiovascular/ respiratory adaptations, and increased functional strength.

The clincher is that CrossFit athletes have demonstrated improved endurance performance without endurance training, and even more amazingly, in clinical trials CrossFit’s high intensity regimen has produced improvements in endurance measures that rivaled those achieved through programs comprised largely of endurance efforts."

While you will not win the race, you haven't specialized in endurance running,  you are competent enough to hold a steady place, finish in the top 30% and quite possibly even PR your time at this distance! 

Here is my challenge for you: When you hit the last mile, pick up your pace, gradually getting faster and end in a sprint. You will thrive in the final kick, this is where your CrossFit trained body can out-kick endurance runners, it's what you're used to. So sprint it out!

Trust your training.  We'll see you at the finish line! #mo2dtdamtodam