Member Monday: Tim Miller

Meet an MO2DT “OG”...

Tim Miller

How long have you been at Max Oxygen?

I started originally just about 5 years ago.  

How did you get referred to Max Oxygen?

I actually signed up with Steve G. because we got a groupon for MaxT3 before MO2DT existed officially.  Him and I went together for the first time. I did go to CrossFit West Des Moines for about a year but then I came back.  

What keeps you coming back each day?  

The people.  I like the 4:30 PM class because I socialize with a lot of people in that group.  The coaches are amazing, too. They always have good attitudes. They are always willing to get to know you.  

What accomplishment are you most proud of?  

Double unders.  It took me 4 years to get double unders.  I could not get them. During the Open last year, I was doing “doubles”-”singles”-doubles”-singles.  It finally clicked. Now it is like one of my favorite things to do. Now I can do about 40 in a row, is my max.  

If you could cherrypick a workout, what would it be?    

A longer, chipper workout.  A 30 minute workout with some double-unders, box jumps, and running.  Maybe some clean and jerks-I like to sweat!

Who has played a key role in helping you develop a new skill?

Coach Jess.  She has helped me with a lot of different lifts.  She really focused on our different techniques during Special class.  Throughout my different surgeries, she has modified workouts for me and it is always so positive to come in and be able to do things, still.  That is also something that keeps me coming back is that she continues to make workouts available for me to do, no matter what your injury or fitness level is.  

She really helped me get my jerk down.  It was nice to learn the things I had been doing wrong, like I hadn’t been bringing my head through enough on my jerk.    

How do you spend your free time (outside of CrossFit)?

I like to play softball.  I do traveling slow-pitch co-ed teams in the community.  I’m on an LGBT traveling team, that travels across the country.  

Favorite meal?  

I love fried chicken and potatoes.  

What are you looking forward to doing in Des Moines this summer?

I do like the Farmer’s Market, but I also just enjoy all the events that go on downtown-the Italian Festival, Art Festival, and Asian Festival.