Max Member: Mike B

Meet Mike Barratt!  

How long have you been Crossfitting? I want to say 2 years.  

How did you get referred to MO2DT? Allison Hayes and Ross D. referred me.  Ross D. is one of my good friends. Although I worked out at the YMCA downtown regularly, I had expressed to Allison that I had been looking for something different.  She is just so inclusive and encouraged me to give it a try.

What is your favorite movement or lift that we do in CrossFit? Probably hang cleans or running.  Running isn’t easy for me-it really pushes my fitness level, so I like that.  

What CF accomplishment are you most proud of? Honestly, just completing my first workout.  We did cleans and burpees with box step-overs.  It was so hard, I almost quit. I remember during the workout I almost walked out knowing that I would likely never see anyone again that was there, but I didn’t!  I finished that first workout and it was such an accomplishment for me.

What's your 9-5 (job)? I’m a Financial Consultant.  

Other than CrossFit, what else do you like to do in your free time?Biking, yoga, running, and I play guitar.  I read a lot. I don’t really watch T.V. I’m a foodie and a wine-o!  I try to keep busy. I’m also involved in several non-profits.

What keeps you coming back each day?I’d say the people and the workouts.  I just like the variety and the challenge.  When I was working out at the YMCA, I always thought about working out as like a chore.  After WODS now, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Who seems to encourage you or motivate you most during WODS? Probably Jess or Dilon.  Jess is really good about not letting me go too easy.  Dilon is just supportive and is always trying to find ways to help me with my mobility.  

What’s your favorite meal? That’s a tough one.  I’d say a filet and a glass of cabernet.