18.1 & Friday Night Lights Recap

Hear how Meghan, Alyson, and Viki felt about 18.1, and why these ladies keep coming back to MO2DT (hint: this will be no surprise to you,  the coaching and community).


 What surprised you about 18.1? 

Meghan:  How much toes-to-bar actually affected the overall workout.  That was the longest/first I’ve ever done that many toes to bar in a workout and I thought clean and jerks were oddly easy but that could be because I was taking my time.  I also noticed that a lot more people RX’d the workout than I thought would, which was good to see.

Alyson:  Nothing about the workout itself, necessarily, I mean, dumbells-duh, everyone hates those, so of course those would show up!  The event itself, I really enjoyed.   It makes it more of an “event” to do it on a Friday night, which was fun!  For me, I was surprised I didn’t have to scale because of my shoulder, especially with the dumbbell weight. 

I was sore the next day for sure, but I also thought I would be more sore.  My hands were destroyed, but my body felt, I guess better than I thought it would after that workout.

Viki:  The first thing that surprised me what how it was a workout that you could actually get through.  Like no movement was so exhausting that you couldn’t keep moving.  I was also (pleasantly) surprised that I reached my goal, which was to complete 8 rounds.  I also didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would.  I did do 18.1 during Friday Night Lights and I actually wasn’t as nervous this year as I was last year.  I was much more relaxed.  (I was so nervous last year!)


What lift or movement do you hope to see in an open workout this year and why?

Meghan:  Dumbell thrusters.  I’m weirdly good at them.  I might move slowly, but I feel good doing those-although I could do without the bruises on my shoulders from them!

Alyson:  I used to say “cleans” because I could rock those, but now..a deadlift ladder might be fun, or like heavy deadlifts.  It doesn’t feel like we have done a lot of those lately.  

Viki:  Ring muscle ups!  Just so that I can say I attempted (and hopefully completed) them.  I would never try them otherwise. 


What movement would you NOT want to see?

Meghan:  I could go without a godly amount of chest-to-bars just because I am still working on those.  That is a 2018 goal of mine-to be able to do chest-to-bar RX in a workout, but I haven’t put in as much consistent effort on that (yet). 

Alyson:  I can tell ya’ right now I don’t want to see ring dips or muscle ups, cuz I can’t do those!  I could do without the rowing, too…

Viki:  A ladder of any kind.  I don’t lift heavy-it is not my thing, so I would like to stay away from that. 


What is it about MO2DT that keeps you a member?  Meeting new people?  The coaches?  The tough workouts?  Results?  Socializing? 

Meghan:  I like walking out of here knowing, not necessarily that I was pushed, but I feel great.  I feel accomplished.  It helps that the people around you are just like you in that sense.  As of last month I’ve been a member over 2 years and I’ve found that the people here care, but also balance work-with-workouts.  We take it seriously-but just the right amount.  Nobody goes overboard, and I think that helps with people coming in.  It can be intimidating walking in here for the first time, and members here are really accepting.  Pretty much anytime someone comes in (new or not), someone talks to them. 

Alyson:  I think I started Crossfit in 2013 or 2014.  I’ve made some really great friends here, and I know that no matter what they have my back and I have theirs.  Anytime anyone needs something, people know they can come to me.  I haven’t seen that at any other place. Although noon class is my comfort zone, it seems like no matter what class I’m in, I’m never an “outsider”.  We do so much outside the gym too, that you get to know people from so many other classes because we constantly get together to celebrate different events/accomplishments of members.    

Something I’ve noticed a lot lately, too, is watching everyone embrace, care, and love (my daughter) Skylar when I bring her.  It’s an amazing thing to see people interact with her, and I’m so thankful for that.  On top of that, workouts themselves push me.  I feel like I’m dying but in a sick sort of way I want more!  It’s good to be pushed.  I used to be a runner, but I would never to these types of workouts on my own.  I would never have thought that I would, you know, care about what I can clean or bench press, and I would never do 7 minutes of burpees on my own.  I complain while I’m doing it, but I really enjoy it. 

My competitive side also seems to come out when I’m here, and I wouldn’t do that at like, an anytime fitness. 


VikiThe thing that keeps me a member is mostly the coaching.  I’ve been a member for over 2 years now.  I’ve been a member of other CrossFit gyms, but this one is by far the best.  All of our coaches are just so knowledgeable.  They all help you scale as needed but can push you at the same time.  They also genuinely care about ALL the members.  They make it a point to get to know you on a more personal level-coaches often ask me about what is going on in my life.  Little things like asking me how vacation went, makes me feel important and included. 

I also really like our programming.  I know I’ve gotten stronger because of it.  We seem to have a good balance between movements, too.  I don’t think we place an emphasis on one specific movement or lift over others. 


How to prepare for Open Workout 18.1

If you're nervous or not super excited for the Open to begin, after reading how 2 of our MO2DT athletes and Coach Dilon prepare and what they enjoy about Open Season, you'll get EXCITED and you'll be at the box on Friday, read to go! You'll see they all mentioned the community aspect of the Open, our first After Party event is at Fuzzy's!! Find details here.

One thing they all forgot to mention was that we take high quality photos, lots of them, (thanks to Coach Nick) and get some videos of your PRs and accomplishments each week. They'll be edited, so you're muscles will be poppin' and you'll look strong and great. (note to self: brush hair).



How many years have you done the CrossFit Open?

Andrew:  This year will be my fourth. 

Chris:  This will be my third year.  (I’ve been Crossfitting since September 2014)

Dilon:  I’ve (successfully) participated in the CrossFit Open 1 year.  In previous years I got sick or was coming off an injury.  I’ll also be celebrating my 6 year CrossFit anniversary in March!


What is the best part about participating in the CrossFit Open each year?

Andrew:  Just the extra challenge of being able to compare my scores to the entire CrossFit community. 

Chris:  Definitely the community aspect of it.  Coming in and seeing someone who has never hit a PR in some lift or seeing someone do their first chest-to-bar or muscle up is awesome.  Seeing others succeed as opposed to myself is what I look forward to.  Friendly competition is also a big part of it.  Nobody here is looking to compete at regionals, but a little friendly competition usually results in progressions (big and small). It challenges you to push yourself to be better knowing that others are doing same.

Dilon:  The gathering of everyone and the excitement.  Seeing athletes from all different classes interact.  6:00 AM classes working out with those from noon or evening classes-It’s Exciting! 


What is your favorite way to celebrate after an open workout? 

Andrew:  Craft beer. 

Chris:  Watching other people do the workout with a beer in my hand-I learned that from Coach Brett.

Dilon:  Going to Fuzzy’s!!  Like the last open workout of last year was a blast-we went to lunch afterwards.  That was memorable. 


What advice would you give to someone who is competing in the Open for the first time this year?

Andrew:  Just enjoy it and have fun. 

Chris:  It’s always harder than it actually looks.  It’s a different level of intensity.  Don’t underestimate the intensity of the workout.  We are not professionals, so don’t get discouraged.  Look at it through a lens of  “I have a 9:00-5:00 job (most likely),”.  Don’t expect to blow everyone away.  Just remember-it’s a huge community.  If I didn’t like everyone I worked out with, I wouldn’t come.  It’s not just the daily workouts and the coaches, it’s really about the community aspect of it. 

Oh-and drinking socially with everyone afterward and celebrating accentuates the community aspect.  It’s all about surprises, too.  Surprising yourself and others-Mike Maller hit his first bar muscle up in 17.2 (I think) last year.  That was cool to watch.

Dilon:  So, sign up for the Open online,  Show up and have fun.  Don’t take it too seriously. 


Is there anything you do to specifically prepare for the Open workouts?

Andrew:  No I don’t change anything necessarily, I just continue to look sexy and attend evening classes.  I do take a rest day the day before I do an Open workout because my body needs a day to recover so I’m not too sore.  

Chris:  I’ll go lighter the day before.  I don’t like doing an open workout after a rest day.  I hate that.  I would do something that wouldn’t destroy my hands, though.

Dilon:  This year I’m just going to treat it like any workout since I’m coming off an injury.  In the past, I would take a rest day the day before.  Nothing at all.  Full rest day.  But, next year if training goes well and I’m healthy, I’ll treat it like a competition again. 

Chris (top) & Dilon

Chris (top) & Dilon

Why should I participate in the Open?

The 2018 Open is just days away! The Open is "the heart of the Games", workout with your tribe, prove your fitness! We're incredibly excited for this time of year and we hope have put "CrossFit" in your calendar for the next 5 Fridays just as we have ours.


Notice, the blog title has the word "participate" in it. Whether you have decided to prove your fitness (Rx, Scaled, a combo of the two, or Masters) with the other athletes around the world by officially registering at or not, we highly encourage, suggest, and pressure you to join our intramural team competition.

What exactly is the Intramural Open? Your captains will be a pair of coaches. The official draft will begin at 8pm Monday 2/19.  Watch our instastory as it goes down. On Tuesday 2/20 you'll find out which team you're on and who your captain are.  At the end of the 5 weeks, with 18.5 being our final event, the team with the most points will be declared 2018 MO2DT Intramural Champs.  Check out how you can earn points for your team here. There is also a very special award, The Spirit of the Open,  that will go to the person that demonstrates the true essence of the Open. Someone who is excited to complete the workouts, whether that week's workout is something challenging or in his or her wheelhouse, participates in the events, cheers and celebrates others accomplishments, shows up on time, is motivating, encouraging, and supportive of others and there's a smile on his or her face.  Each will the coaching staff will cast their ballot for The Spirit of the Open

Remember, this isn't about your score on the 5 workouts, if you do the workout, you will earn points for your team. If you dive into the community and get involved in the weekly events, you'll earn a lot of point for your team and you'll have the best time doing it.

You have until 7:30pm Monday to sign up to be on an intramural team, if you are not at the box Monday, please email Jess to get yourself signed up.

5K for Time

This Saturday you have the opportunity to test your 5K Run time. We've tested the 5K Row multiple times, we've ran over 2 miles in WODs and a few Saturdays ago you ran 1 mile, did a metcon, ran 1 mile. 

According to the CrossFit Journal, the 5K Run is the most programmed workout on, it is also most likely the most avoided. Do not avoid this workout. Do not find the excuse that it is too cold to run. Do not use this as an active rest day and leisurely jog those 3.1 miles. Test yourself in this Endurance Benchmark. If you've never ran a 5K before, this is your chance to PR! If it's been awhile, this is your chance to re-test. To date, we have not ever tested this as a box. So most of you will have that -- under your SugarWOD Endurance Benchmark.

Why do we CrossFit? To be better at life.  [We] “want to be good at everything, not great at anything in particular. Elite athletes, on the other hand, sacrifice competence in some fitness domains for high performance in others.

 [In our programming, and the purpose of CrossFit, in general is to] “shoot for moderate levels of competence in all fitness domains. Aim too high and you’re going to risk training-related injuries. Aim too low and you risk injuries due to deconditioning.” The CrossFit Journal, “Good at Everything or Great at Something,” October 2009.

Gray’s Lake, 7:30AM Saturday.  We will meet at the entrance directly across from Water Works Park on Fleur. Wear running shoes if you have them. Dress in layers. We will be doing a warm up and a WOD briefing. I'll be documenting your time. Treat this like a benchmark day. Time cap is 60 min.

Enjoy. See you early Saturday morning.


The Open

You've heard the coaches talking about The Open and a few have asked when Open Wednesdays would be returning. Well, this week the workouts have been building your engine in preparation for "that one" longer Open WOD, and beginning TODAY you can sign up for The 2017 Open. 

First, What's The Open?

It's a 5-week long worldwide competition against others in your specific division (by age and skill level, region, state and country). There's a free app to download that will give you stats each week on where you sit in each of these.
Each event is released live on a Thursday night here and you have until Monday at 7pm to complete the workout, submit your score and have it validated by me. We will do our workouts on Saturday morning beginning at 9am, in heats. You will be judged by a certified judge, and you will sign off on your score sheet and give me the original. You will then go home (or use the app) and submit your score. Then I see you did that and I will validate it to make sure it is the same as as the one you gave me. 

Why do I sign up, I'm not going to make the Games?

I can tell you that not one of the coaches is going to qualify for Regionals. We sign up anyways because it's a test of fitness. We like to know where we stand. It's becomes official to us, we push ourselves a little bit further out of our comfort zone. We may hit a new PR or finally get that gymnastics skills down during an Open Workout.

Ask anyone that was around for the 2016 Open, those 5 Saturday mornings are filled with fun, nerves, excitement, community, food, and Fuzzy's. For many of us, it turned into an afternoon long party to celebrate the fact that we survived another workout and discussion on what could the next week bring. These are the best 5 Saturdays of the year.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to hear more about past Open experiences and learn more details.

But for now here's what I challenge you:

1) Sign up for The Open. If you have never made a CrossFit account, do that first. You can do that here. If you registered for The Open last year, you will have an account and you may need to get your password reset. Then you will have 5 steps to completing registration. Search for our affiliate, Max Oxygen CrossFit Downtown.

2) Share the link on your social media pages that you registered! Tell everyone you have committed to testing your fitness. 

3) Come in to the box and write your name on the black board in the front!






The Iron Legacy: Event 1

Event 1: RX



1 Female and 1 Male work together *both partners must rest and work at the same time

2 rounds:

20 Chest to Bar Pull ups while partner holds 225/155 bar

40 Unbroken DU while partner holds plate overhead (45/25)

60 Hang Power Cleans, every 5 reps alternate (135/95) 

Buddy Carry (100 feet) outside

Must tag second pair to start Round 2


Event 1: Scaled


1 Female and 1 Male work together *both partners must rest and work at the same time

2 rounds:

20 Hanging Knee Raises while partner holds 175/125 bar

80 unbroken singles while partner holds plate overhead (45/25)

60 hang power cleans, every 5 reps alternate (105/75)

Buddy Carry (100 feet) outside

Must tag second pair to start Round 2


The Iron Legacy Charity Competition


The Iron Legacy: A Charity Competition

Join us for a 1-Day Competition in memory of a member, Zac Easter, who suffered from CTE

When: Saturday May 14th 8AM, Team Check-in begins at 7AM

All money raised will be donated in Zac’s honor to the Legacy Concussion Foundation

Cost: $20 per person ($80 per team, paid the day of)

Teams of 4 (2 males, 2 females) Limited to 15 Rx Teams & 15 Scaled Teams

  • To determine which division to be in, at least one person in your team should be able to perform the following movements & weights:
  • RX: Chest to Bar Pull ups, Double Unders, Hang Power Cleans (135/95), Thrusters (95/65, Deadlifts 225/155, KB Swings (53/35) Row, OHS (95/65)
  • Scaled: Hanging Knee Raises, Single Unders, Hang Power Cleans (95/65), Thrusters (95/65), Deadlifts (135/95), KB Swings (35/26), Row, OHS 65/45.
  • Once you have your team, I need all members’ names, your team name and what division you are in (Scaled or Rx). Please have 1 team member email this to me at