WOD 12/12/15

Partner WOD:

For Time:

1000m Row Relay (500m each)

P1: 75 Burpees

P2: Deadlift Hold @ 95/135

P1: 100 Wall Balls

P2: Leg Lift Hold 6”

1000m Row Relay (500m each)

Workout must be done in order is it written. For the burpees and wall balls, reps will not count if partner is not in the described static position. Break up reps however you want.


WOD 12/11/15 & Ugly Sweater Holi-WOD


EMOM 20 Min

1 x Curtis P

Hang Squat Clean, Lunge, Lunge, Push Press

Increase weight 10 lbs every 2 min. Starting weight is 45/75

3 Sets:

Max Ring Plank Hold

Rest 1 Min

12-15 GHD Situps

Rest 1 Min


Reminder: tomorrow 5:15pm Ugly  Sweater WOD! 


I can only hope to see some beauties like this above! Bring your sweater and BYOB. We will WOD at 5:30pm then have a social with some snacks until 7:15pm.



Testing Week



This week we will be testing for the following:

1 RM Back Squat, Power Clean, & Shoulder Press. We will also re-test 3 metcons.

We performed these 3 lifts & metcons the week of 9/7 & wer reminded you to put your results in Wodify. I will be pulling these and the print outs will be at the front desk.

We will be doing these Monday-Thursday, plan your workouts accordingly. 

Reminder: when you are performing a 1RM, have a coach watch you to ensure that you are hitting depth so the lifts counts.