18.1 & Friday Night Lights Recap

Hear how Meghan, Alyson, and Viki felt about 18.1, and why these ladies keep coming back to MO2DT (hint: this will be no surprise to you,  the coaching and community).


 What surprised you about 18.1? 

Meghan:  How much toes-to-bar actually affected the overall workout.  That was the longest/first I’ve ever done that many toes to bar in a workout and I thought clean and jerks were oddly easy but that could be because I was taking my time.  I also noticed that a lot more people RX’d the workout than I thought would, which was good to see.

Alyson:  Nothing about the workout itself, necessarily, I mean, dumbells-duh, everyone hates those, so of course those would show up!  The event itself, I really enjoyed.   It makes it more of an “event” to do it on a Friday night, which was fun!  For me, I was surprised I didn’t have to scale because of my shoulder, especially with the dumbbell weight. 

I was sore the next day for sure, but I also thought I would be more sore.  My hands were destroyed, but my body felt, I guess better than I thought it would after that workout.

Viki:  The first thing that surprised me what how it was a workout that you could actually get through.  Like no movement was so exhausting that you couldn’t keep moving.  I was also (pleasantly) surprised that I reached my goal, which was to complete 8 rounds.  I also didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would.  I did do 18.1 during Friday Night Lights and I actually wasn’t as nervous this year as I was last year.  I was much more relaxed.  (I was so nervous last year!)


What lift or movement do you hope to see in an open workout this year and why?

Meghan:  Dumbell thrusters.  I’m weirdly good at them.  I might move slowly, but I feel good doing those-although I could do without the bruises on my shoulders from them!

Alyson:  I used to say “cleans” because I could rock those, but now..a deadlift ladder might be fun, or like heavy deadlifts.  It doesn’t feel like we have done a lot of those lately.  

Viki:  Ring muscle ups!  Just so that I can say I attempted (and hopefully completed) them.  I would never try them otherwise. 


What movement would you NOT want to see?

Meghan:  I could go without a godly amount of chest-to-bars just because I am still working on those.  That is a 2018 goal of mine-to be able to do chest-to-bar RX in a workout, but I haven’t put in as much consistent effort on that (yet). 

Alyson:  I can tell ya’ right now I don’t want to see ring dips or muscle ups, cuz I can’t do those!  I could do without the rowing, too…

Viki:  A ladder of any kind.  I don’t lift heavy-it is not my thing, so I would like to stay away from that. 


What is it about MO2DT that keeps you a member?  Meeting new people?  The coaches?  The tough workouts?  Results?  Socializing? 

Meghan:  I like walking out of here knowing, not necessarily that I was pushed, but I feel great.  I feel accomplished.  It helps that the people around you are just like you in that sense.  As of last month I’ve been a member over 2 years and I’ve found that the people here care, but also balance work-with-workouts.  We take it seriously-but just the right amount.  Nobody goes overboard, and I think that helps with people coming in.  It can be intimidating walking in here for the first time, and members here are really accepting.  Pretty much anytime someone comes in (new or not), someone talks to them. 

Alyson:  I think I started Crossfit in 2013 or 2014.  I’ve made some really great friends here, and I know that no matter what they have my back and I have theirs.  Anytime anyone needs something, people know they can come to me.  I haven’t seen that at any other place. Although noon class is my comfort zone, it seems like no matter what class I’m in, I’m never an “outsider”.  We do so much outside the gym too, that you get to know people from so many other classes because we constantly get together to celebrate different events/accomplishments of members.    

Something I’ve noticed a lot lately, too, is watching everyone embrace, care, and love (my daughter) Skylar when I bring her.  It’s an amazing thing to see people interact with her, and I’m so thankful for that.  On top of that, workouts themselves push me.  I feel like I’m dying but in a sick sort of way I want more!  It’s good to be pushed.  I used to be a runner, but I would never to these types of workouts on my own.  I would never have thought that I would, you know, care about what I can clean or bench press, and I would never do 7 minutes of burpees on my own.  I complain while I’m doing it, but I really enjoy it. 

My competitive side also seems to come out when I’m here, and I wouldn’t do that at like, an anytime fitness. 


VikiThe thing that keeps me a member is mostly the coaching.  I’ve been a member for over 2 years now.  I’ve been a member of other CrossFit gyms, but this one is by far the best.  All of our coaches are just so knowledgeable.  They all help you scale as needed but can push you at the same time.  They also genuinely care about ALL the members.  They make it a point to get to know you on a more personal level-coaches often ask me about what is going on in my life.  Little things like asking me how vacation went, makes me feel important and included. 

I also really like our programming.  I know I’ve gotten stronger because of it.  We seem to have a good balance between movements, too.  I don’t think we place an emphasis on one specific movement or lift over others. 


Meet the Intern: Tate

1. How'd you find CrossFit?

Near the end of my Sophomore year, Josh Diehm, who is now a great friend and co-worker, was a senior in track. He asked if I would be interested in interning at CrossFit 65/69 in town. I initially didn't think I was going to do it because I was already in the interview process for another internship out of state. I ended up not getting the other internship so I told Josh I'd give it a try. He had me come in for 6 hours almost every day to shadow and work under him. Through this, the gym, atmosphere, and style of CrossFit really grew on me. After three months of interning, I attended my L1 and began coaching at 65/69, That was 1 1/2 years ago and still love it.

2. Favorite movement to teach? And to perform?

I love having teaching deadlifts, especially with newer clients. They're always so afraid and doubting of what they can do with, so when they lift 100lbs more than they ever thought, their reactions are priceless. The Clean is probably my favorite movement; it's not even really my strong suit, it just feels awesome when you get a big weight up and hit it with perfect form.

3. Tell us about yourself:

I'm originally from Albert Lea, MN. I am the baby of four boys. In high school, I played soccer, tennis, and track. I'm currently a senior a Simpson College majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching. Along with school, I run sprints on the Simpson Track & Field team and coach at CrossFit 65/69 in Indianola. (Fun Fact: I have Norway tattooed on my thigh.)

4.Favorite way to relax? 

I've got big ways I like to relax. One, is playing a pick-up game of soccer. I don't get to do it a lot, but it's relaxing and fun to just go out play. I don't have to worry about anything else while it's happening. My other one is video games, no lie. My nerd side can come out, letting me just play the game and not care about stress going on around me. They're great little escapes.

5.When will you be in  classes? 

Mondays and Wednesdays for the 6am and Noon classes, if you come in between that with 24-hour access, you'll see me too. Fridays 5 and 6am classes. (Tate is also running the Endurance Club, so you have him to think of when you are doing you're long runs :) ).

6. Best health-focused tip that's helped you? 

Don't try so hard on your diet that it makes you burnout. It's easy to jump right into eating perfect for about a week or two of intense meal prep and then being burnout with it and then fall right back to where you were. Make general changes that you can plausibly do for a while so you can stick with them. Honestly, I don't measure out my food or calories, but I have a general idea of what it is and eat decently well. I don't beat myself up over have an exact amount, but aiming for a general range. This helped me change my diet for the better in the last 4 years.

7. Biggest CrossFit accomplishment to date?

Biggest accomplishment would be giving a client a cue on a movement and seeing it improve it immediately (It "clicks" for them). It shows me that what I am teaching is working and making a positive difference to the clients.

8. Favorite benchmark WOD? 

"Crain": 2 rounds for time: 34 push-ups, 50yd sprint, 34 deadlifts, 135#, 50yd sprint, 34 box jumps, 24in, 50yd sprint, 34 C&J, 95#, 50yd sprint, 34 burpees, 50yd sprint, 34 wall ball shots, 20#, 50yd sprint, 34 pull-ups, 50yd sprint .  It was my first benchmark.