You are different


You are different from most others. Not because you CrossFit, this difference was already a part of you, it's what drove you to CrossFit. CrossFit has validated your assumptions and quenches your thirst on a daily basis.

You are driven by a challenge. If one would interview those who walk through these doors, you will find the following traits:

you are a perfectionist

you are competitive (whether in sport or career) 

you set goals

you expect more out of yourself

you do not settle

you have overcome some awfully hard things in your life already, this doesn't make you a victim of your circumstances but a fighter

You know that this journey won't be easy, you don't want that. You want hard. You want a challenge. You want to fail before you succeed. Some who come here know this about themselves already. Others, it's what breaks them down and shows them they are capable, they can't be perfect at something right away, that they have to start at the first progression and master that before they can more towards the next progression to get where they want to be. It's every day effort. It's putting in work when you'd rather skip because it's a movement or skill you are not good at (take today's handstand walk practice). 

CrossFit doesn't make these type of people. These types come to CrossFit. If you are reading this, chances are, you are one of them. CrossFit simply ignites the flame to set their soul on fire. The beautiful thing about this is while it starts in the box, it bleeds into every area of one's life. These types of people expect more out of themselves and ultimately out of others. 

This part of your personality gets to come out of hiding. Maybe it's been hiding due to a poor work environment or a bad relationship or you not allowing yourself to be a priority anymore. In the beginning, as coaches, we see this part of you only in the hour we have class, maybe only in the last few minutes of a workout. Then it gets put back into a deep pocket of your soul as you walk out of the box.

But as you get stronger, mentally and physically, as you find that part of you, it gets harder and hard to put it away as you leave because you feel so amazing (hurting, and breathing hard and want to give up but still amazing) that you take that courage and confidence and test them out in your work, in your friendships and relationships, and on yourself.

People begin to notice your physical changes but also your take charge attitude, you get shit done. You set your goals and standards high. Some of these people in your life won't like this, they will say you've changed. You haven't, you've simply allowed yourself to be who you were all along. You may change jobs, gravitate to hanging out with others who share your same goals, maybe you will end a relationship that wasn't good to being with. You are letting go of those things that have held you back because you now truly believe you can.

If you are reading this and you aren't a part of our community yet, but a friend has urged you to try a class or to sign up for Foundations that's because they see it in you. Listen.

You are different. Accept it. Embrace it.