Max Woman: Diane

Diane came to Max Oxygen in September 2015, she had done CrossFit prior at another location (see photo from 2013) and heard good things about us so she thought she'd try it again.  

Diane cut out small things from her diet, such as diet soda and began to watch her sugar intake and showed up to workouts 4-5x a week. It's been quiet the journey for her. She's lost over 40# since she started and her body continues to transform, so much that other athletes are asking me how much more weight she's lost over the past several months. That's the cool thing about ladies who lift, even if Diane hasn't lost any more weight, her body is continuing to lean up and build muscle, resulting in a different body composition. Lifting weights at high intensity = results, that is CrossFit. 

As crossfitters, we know that there's so much more to it than what the scale or the mirror reflects. Diane has PR'd in EVERY lift, she's learned gymnastics skills and she set a goal of being able to do an unassisted pull-up by 3/15/2017 during our 2017 goal setting day and she achieved that goal just a few weeks ago during 17.2!

We are proud to be a part of your journey Diane and are honored you chose Max Oxygen as your gym home.

Read below to see what Diane has to say about her transformation:

What was your original why for joining CF? My purpose for joining crossfit was to challenge myself every day and it continues to be my purpose to this day.
Has that changed now? No.  Rope climbs,  handstands, pull ups and toes to bar are some of the many movements that I never thought I could do before but can do now.
What changes have you seen in the following:
Physically: I have seen many physical changes and clothes shopping is an awesome experience now!
Mentally: Mentally I am looking forward to new challenges and am feeling more confident at work, with my family and in social situations as well.
Socially: Crossfit has given me a renewed sense of community. I want to give to others what has been given to me. 
One piece of advice for a new person who has just joined CrossFit? One thing I would mention to a new person is to set some goals and listen to your coaches!! They can help you!
Why do you keep coming back? I keep coming back to see my CrossFit family crush their goals and set PRs!!!


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